Hannah Ann Sluss Reveals What Gave Her "Closure" After Peter Weber Split

Hannah Ann Sluss opened up about how she's moving on after her and Peter Weber's shocking split on The Bachelor.

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Hannah Ann Sluss is moving on.

Days after calling off her engagement to Peter Weber and watching the dramatic Bachelor finale unfold, the star opened up about how she has found closure after their whirlwind romance during her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But first, guest host Sean Hayes wanted to know if she still had feelings for the famous pilot.

"I mean, actually watching the season has been very helpful working through any unresolved feelings I had towards Peter because I was able to watch my ex-fiancé not only make out with every girl, but see him just mislead and betray me," Hannah Ann explained. "And, that alone kind of gave me the closure that I needed. And sometimes, knowing that you deserve better is the closure that you needed."

After applauding the 23-year-old model's strength, Sean asked to hear more details from the After The Final Rose special—specifically, how it felt to confront Peter after announcing their split.

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"I mean, it was a lot of pent up emotions that I had had over the past five weeks after our breakup ended. And just being able to sit down there and look him in the eyes and just show him that, you know, I've moved on and I'm strong. And, you know what? I'm gonna be fine without you."

Still thirsty for more Bachelor behind-the-scenes tea, the Will & Grace star inquired more about the day Hannah Ann found out her and Peter's engagement was over. After explaining that she was "very blindsided" by the whole ordeal, she could sense that something bad was imminent.

"Walking into that day, we both knew there were going to be cameras and we were working through his unresolved he had," she recalled. "But I told him prior to going to L.A., I was like, ‘Hey, if you're wanting to break up with me, just give me a heads up.' And he said, ‘No, I love you. We're going to work through this.' And so—he told me to trust him, so I trusted him. And walking into that day, that was the very first time I ever heard him say, ‘I can't give you my full heart.'"

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Switching gears, Sean asked Hannah Ann to weigh in on the fervent support she received from Peter's mom Barbra Weber.

"Well, Barb…" she began. "You know, I know she's been getting some hate, but mine and Barb's common ground is that I loved Peter and she loves Peter. And we both are rooting for his happiness and that's where our common ground was, and still is. She's just looking out for her son and worried he might be making a bad decision."

As for her feelings on Peter and Madison Prewett's second shot at love, Hannah Ann tried her best to remain neutral: "Well, it didn't last with me. But if he can follow through with his decision, then I wish him the best. I'm staying out of it though. I'm staying out if it."

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