Grey's Anatomy Begins to Move on Without Alex

Grey's Anatomy finally revealed the identity of Amelia's baby daddy as Jo and Meredith try to come to terms with Alex's goodbye

By Lauren Piester Mar 13, 2020 3:24 AMTags
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Grey's Anatomy is slowly moving on. 

While both Jo and Meredith spent quite a bit of tonight's episode still dealing with Alex leaving them for Izzie, there was plenty of other drama crowding the hospital, literally. 

Koracick shut down an entire floor because a rich investor needed a doctor, meaning patients were left without rooms, which created a mess and pissed Meredith right off into some very timely rants about the price of healthcare and wealth inequality. 

Jo, meanwhile, was sent into a bit of a tailspin after seeing a happy couple making out on a train platform, only for that couple to be brought into the hospital later on when the guy accidentally fell in front of a train. 

She's been sleeping on Link's couch and really leaning on him, but if you thought that meant there was the possibility of her moving on with him, you would be mistaken, at least for now. It also doesn't look likely that she'll be going for JoLuca, because DeLuca tried to obnoxiously hit on her and she fully shut him down.

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Everything going on with DeLuca right now is concerning, because he's not listening to anyone and clearly needs some help and we can't figure out exactly what direction this story is going in, and it's worrying. 

Also worrying is Webber, who's losing it. He's dealing with his hand tremor and what it means for him, throwing a fit when furniture was delivered to his old office at Grey Sloan. He finally told Bailey he's stepping away from surgery and that the room just reminds him of the old him, but he did not tell her about the tremor, and so she's just kinda mad at him now. 

Jackson also broke up with Vic, because Jackson continues to be kind of awful. We also actually forgot he had a child until he reminded us in tonight's episode. Weird! 

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Elsewhere in the land of things that concern us, it's the Koracick-Teddy-Owen-Amelia-Link situation, which has taken some serious turns. We finally found out that Amelia's baby is actually Link's, and Link said he was all in no matter what, so that's a couple that's actually a couple again. 

Meanwhile, Teddy, who is engaged to Owen, freaked out and slept with Koracick after finding out that Amelia's baby could be Owen's. She then told Owen about the baby possibility, and then hooked up with Koracick again, and then she's got Owen saying he can deal with anything she has to say to him while Koracick is also wanting to be with her, and truly, what is Teddy doing? 

The most devastating moment of the episode came when Meredith and Bailey sat down and grappled with Richard stepping down in the wake of Alex leaving, meaning Bailey and Meredith are sort of the only ones left. Let's hope Richard doesn't actually leave them as the only ones left. We can't take any more this season (or just right now in general, ya know?) 

The rest of season 16 might be facing some speedbumps as production on the show has shut down due to coronavirus concerns, but let's hope things can get better for us all. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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