John Krasinski Hilariously Recalls Acting Like A 14-Year-Old At Ryan Reynolds’ Daughter’s Birthday Party

John Krasinski joked that he and pal Ryan Renyolds turned into 14-year-old boys when they got to meet an owl during the Deadpool star's daughter's birthday party.

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John Krasinski, Stephen Colbert, Ryan ReynoldsScott Kowalchyk/CBS, Instagram

Ain't no party like a Reynolds' party. 

On Monday, John Krasinski stopped by The Late Show and recalled attending Ryan Reynolds' daughter's birthday party back in September. While on the topic of the animal-themed bash, The Office alum joked that he and the Deadpool star "turned into 14-year-old boys" when they got to meet a surprisingly friendly owl, which the duo graciously documented on Instagram.

Shocked that the actors were able to pose for such an intimate photo with the nocturnal bird, host Stephen Colbert asked how the whole interaction went down and if the thought of the owl scratching his eyes out ever crossed his mind. 

"He understood that we were giving off a very loving male energy and he was digging it," the A Quiet Place 2 star said as he looked at the photo. "There were animals. The kids saw a chinchilla and exploded. So, then all the other animals weren't being played with and there was the owl. And Ryan and I went and nuzzled it."

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Fully trusting that their new owl friend wouldn't inflict any harm, John joked that he and The Proposal star ignored the animal handler's advice to stay away from its talons.

He continued, "And, like, 12-year-olds were like, ‘Could it scratch our eyeballs out?' And the guy was like, ‘Definitely. You should move away.' And we were like, ‘Ha ha ha ha.' And that was a Saturday."

After the birthday party, Ryan shared a picture of them posing with the owl to his Instagram Stories, where he wrote, "@johnkrasinski I even got to feed him out of my hand after the enormous owl left." Seeing his post, John chimed in with: "@vancityreynolds Thank you for always being so gentle…"  

Once he told his hilarious owl story, John opened up about stepping back into the director's chair for A Quiet Place 2, which also stars wife Emily Blunt. After hearing Stephen admit that horror films aren't his favorite, John confessed that he never cared for them until he wrote the first A Quiet Place script. 

"I never really liked horror movies until I wrote and directed one," he shared. "I recommend to everyone. Yeah, no, I wasn't a big—I was scarred by the late ‘80s-early ‘90s, which was a big slasher era."

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Switching gears, John gave Stephen a crash course in mastering the perfect Bostonian accent after the duo discussed his 2020 Super Bowl ad. Before diving in, the Boston native told the late night host to "stay casual" with his delivery to avoid any over exaggeration.

Watch Stephen do his best Boston accent for John in the hilarious video above.

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