Listen: Katy Perry's Pregnant, Lizzo vs. TikTok Plus More From This Week's Nightly Pop The Podcast

Listen: Katy Perry's Pregnant Plus More From Nightly Pop The Podcast

By Nicole Renna Mar 06, 2020 7:36 PMTags

Here's What's Popping This Week On Nightly Pop The Podcast:

Katy's Blooming Baby, Lizzo Calls Out TikTok & Honest Kristen & Dax - Nightly Pop 03/05/2020
Can we please talk about how Katy Perry just announced her pregnancy? In the most Katy Perry way ever...with a brand new music video. Plus, Lizzo slams TikTok for taking down her bathing suit videos and body shaming. Kristen Bell talks parenting style and how she and her husband never lie to her kids. She decided with her husband Dax Shephard to reward her children's critical thinking and answer their questions truthfully. 

Drake's Baby Momma Fluke, Khloe's Thirsty Ex & Sophie's First Impression - "Nightly Pop" 03/03/20
The "When to Say When" rapper speaks too soon and calls his Baby Momma a "fluke" in a new song. Tristan Thompson wants another chance with Khloe and commented "saucy" underneath her latest Instagram post. What do three fire emojis mean? Sophie Turner told Elle that she hated the Jonas Brothers before meeting Joe. On their first date, she was afraid Joe Jonas was a total d*ck and brought all her guy friends to make sure he wasn't a catfish. 

Kim's Tight Fit, Meet Clare Crawley & Even Oprah Falls Sometimes - Nightly Pop 03/02/2020
The new "Bachelorette" was announced on GMA and Clare Crawley is the oldest ever at age 38. The youngest guy on the show will be 30. Will Clare go for a younger or older guy? Oprah's falls on-stage while talking about balance during her 2020 Vision Tour. "Nightly Pop" has all the tea! Plus, how long do you think it took Kim & Kourt to get into their Fashion Week full latex fits? Is this fashion worth it?

Clare Crawley to Star on The Bachelorette Season 16: Look Back at Her Journey to Find Love

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