Dua Lipa's "Let’s Get Physical" Work Out Video Will Have You Dancing Into the Weekend

Dua Lipa broke a sweat in her "Let's Get Physical" work out video, complete with '80s-inspired bodysuits and retro aerobics moves.

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Dua Lipa, Lets Get Physical Work Out Video YouTube

Let's get physical!

On Friday, Dua Lipa debuted the Physical: Get Fit in Under 5 work out video, inspired by her new single "Physical." 

For the old-school aerobics vid, the singer dons a high-cut bodysuit and ties her bold dual-colored locks in a half-up, half-down ‘do as she leads viewers through a cardio dance sweat session to the track. But before hopping into the moves, Dua fiercely addresses the camera and kicks things off with a warm up. 

"Hey, I'm Dua," she begins. "And I'll be your instructor today. Let's start with a breathing exercise. Inhale. And exhale."

As the upbeat song's intro builds, the "New Rules" singer introduces her band of fitness junkies, who are all sporting vibrant workout gear, that will be joining her throughout the exercise. Among them are Ginger Snap, Good Ol' Steve, Chitter, Chao, Extra-Va, Bruce the Juice, Sunny, Delight, Tardy-B, Upset, Shay and Dee. While the dancers stretch and squeeze in some quick reps, Dua emerges from the locker room, greets her gang and gets into position.

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Staying on theme with the retro vibes, the video serves up pure ‘80s nostalgia with tons of neon graphics and vintage effects. Once the group assembles, Dua leads them in some synchronized moves that align with the first verse of the song.

Taking things up a notch, the group begins to break a sweat as they throw in some squat pulses, really kicking it into overdrive at the chorus with some thrusting. 

"Woo, you've got this," the "Don't Start Now" singer says into the camera, breaking up the video with an encouraging shout-out. "Keep going."

Keeping the energy high, Dua and her pals gather into a line formation and jump to the beat. Making sure to target all of the muscles, they proceed to air box and punch while remaining in sync.

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Then, Dua announces that it was time for the "Step Back, Step Touch" move and the group follows her lead. When it comes time for the chorus to play again, the "IDGAF" singer instructs everyone to get their exercise mats out for a round of "Hip Thrusters." 

Paying homage to Jane Fonda, the group does the "The Fonda," which involves raising their legs high just as the Grace and Frankie star did back in the day. Other moves included "The Rump Shaker" and "The Crybaby."

See if you can keep up with Dua in the epic Let's Get Physical work out video above!

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