Love Is Blind Reunion Bombshells: Death Threats, Apologies and (Almost) Breakups

Get the scoop on what happened to the Love Is Blind couples after filming

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Love Is Blind took a gaggle of singles, locked them up together and tasked them with "dating" through pods—they didn't get to see each other until a marriage proposal. For some, that happened in just days. Then, the happy (?) couples were whisked away on vacation and got to interact with the other folks they "dated." Cameras eventually followed them back to their real lives where friends and family met these very new fiancés and the couples prepared for the big wedding day. Just two couples tied the knot. What happened to the rest? Well, there's a Love Is Blind reunion for that.

The one-hour special, hosted by Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, brought the cast back together for the first time since they parted ways when filming wrapped in 2018. And what did we learn? Let's break it down.

The Love Is Blind Wedding Album

Damian and Giannina
Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli split up at the altar, but it turns out that was the best thing to happen to them. They're now dating, acknowledging that marriage wasn't right, and taking things at their own speed. More on them here.

Carlton and Diamond
The saga of Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack was a short one. Once engaged and in Mexico, a conversation turned explosive as Carlton tried to open up to Diamond about his past relationships with both men and women. Since the show and the fight, Carlton said he's been working on himself. Diamond is back in school working on her Ph.D.

Since the show, they both said they received death threats from viewers. But both said there were a lot of misconceptions. Carlton said he thought Diamond was not homophobic or that she wouldn't love him, but he knew there would be issues with the relationship based on how they entered things. He said he deserves some of the backlash he got.

Before the reunion, Carlton said he reached out to Diamond and the two didn't want any animosity and wanted to move forward with their lives. Carlton fished the engagement ring out of the pool and gave it to Diamond as a sign of friendship and respect to their experience. She accepted his apology and the two said they wanted to move forward—with respect.

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Kenny and Kelly
Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase ended their relationship at the altar, much to Kenny's dismay. Now he's in a relationship and credits the show with making him a better partner. Kelly said she went through some career changes and is single currently and doing a lot of self-reflections. Regarding her time during the show, she said her head and her heart just weren't connecting.

Amber and Barnett
Matt Barnett and Amber Pike were one of the couples to actually get married—and their still hitched. Amber wasted no time and used the spotlight to call Jessica out for her behavior toward Barnett. Once that was out of the way, the two broke down how life has been like for them. They've moved—Amber said the house was haunted—and acknowledged they almost broke up. Amber went so far as to call a divorce attorney.

Their rough patch happened when she was working as a waitress and found herself unemployed and financially dependent on Barnett, which was a tough pill for her to swallow, she said. Meanwhile, Barnett struggled with being in a relationship so quickly. However, they both acknowledged their problems—both said they were stubborn—and worked through it.

Lauren and Cameron
The couple everybody rooted for, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, are still going strong today. They said they learn more about and from each other every day and welcomed a puppy into their lives.

Kids have been a topic of discussion, and happening "hopefully soon," Cameron said. Lauren hedged on the side of "one day."

The two recently celebrated their first blended family Thanksgiving and it was a success.

The Love Is Blind reunion is now streaming on Netflix.

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