Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Bacon and Tan France Playing Password Will Make You LOL

Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Bacon and Tan France faced off in a game of Password on The Tonight Show and it was truly epic.

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Talk about a dream team! 

On Wednesday, Kevin Bacon and Tan France joined Jimmy Fallon for an epic game of Password on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. To play the fan-favorite game, players are presented with a clue from their teammate in order to guess the word they were given. If the player guesses incorrectly, the opposing team has the opportunity to steal the point but must provide a different clue for the secret word.

This time around, the late night host and the Queer Eye star faced off against the Footloose star and The Roots MC Tariq Trotter. Kicking things off, Jimmy did his best to give Tan a clue for the word "Shrimp." After careful consideration, he said, "Scampi," hoping that the stylist's mind would go to the popular dish shrimp scampi. Unfortunately for Jimmy, Tan responded: "Crustacean."

As the turn went over to Kevin and Tariq, Tan said, "Oh, my God! Now I know the answer! I'm so embarrassed." Using Jimmy and Kevin's clue, the musician guessed correctly.

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Jokingly upset, Tan tried to defend his answer. "Wait! No, let me make it very clear! A crustacean is a shrimp…I thought we were doing smart answers! [Shrimp] just sounded too easy."

For the next round, Tariq presented Kevin with the first clue to try and guess the password "Madonna." Referencing the pop icon's song "Like A Virgin," he said, "Virgin." Thinking he was making a religious reference, Kevin replied, "Mary?"

Excited to be given the chance to redeem himself, the Next In Fashion host confidently looked at Jimmy as he prepared his answer. "Vogue," he said to the Saturday Night Live alum, to which he replied, "Madonna?" Thrilled to be back in the game, the duo shared a hug and Tan exclaimed, "Of course the gay got that!"

Heading into the third round with a tied score, Kevin had to come up with a clue for the word "Tuxedo." Taking a moment to think, the A Few Good Men star said, "Formal" as he touched the lapels of his suit and Tariq guessed correctly.

Now in the final round with Kevin and Tariq in the lead, Tan struggled to think of a clue for the word "Robot." Debating on whether his hint related back to an English show or an American one, he took a shot and said, "Wars." Seeing that Jimmy was immediately perplexed by the clue, Tan quipped, "If we were in England right now, he would know. It's not my fault you're not British."

Taking a minute to try and see where Tan is coming from, Jimmy incorrectly replied, "Is it, like, Closet Wars?" The turn went over to Tariq, who said, "R2-D2." But unfortunately, Kevin also got it wrong by saying, "Star?"

With the stakes heating up, Tan was given another chance to provide a clue for Jimmy, who had a sense of what the correct answer was based on Tariq's Star Wars reference. Bouncing in their seats with excitement, Tan said, "Machine" and Jimmy boldly replied: "Robot!" And, just like that, the duo won the game.

Still on cloud nine from their victory, Tan sat down with Jimmy and said, "I know that this is your show—this is his show, clearly, and he's got things to start with—but I've gotta say real quick: Backstage he was too scared to give me hugs and now he's like all about the hugs. He wouldn't even shake my hand and now you're all about the hugs because we won the game together?"

Switching gears, the duo talked about Tan's "iconic look," which he says has gotten him confused with another famously-stylish celebrity.

"See, I would like to believe I have an iconic look," he told Jimmy. "But apparently, somebody else has that iconic look: [Jojo Rabbit director] Taika Waititi." Since fans mistake him for the Oscar-winning screenwriter so often, Tan admitted that he embraces it and doesn't have the heart to tell people they've gotten him mixed up with Taika. 

"Here's the thing…when I don't have this hair, it's really curly like Taika's," he continued. "They started doing this about a year ago…and then they'll start to take the picture and it's very clear they think I'm Taika. And so, I'm like, ‘Okay, I'll just lean in." And so I continue on. What is hilarious, though, is that I don't change my accent, but America, I love you very much but you clearly don't know how to distinguish accents, because he's from New Zealand and I'm from England." 

Tan added, "And I saw Taika at a party a few months ago and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Taika, people keep mistaking me for you.' And he was like, ‘They do it to me, too.' I was like, ‘Do you change your accent?' And he was like, ‘No, it's America. They don't know the difference."

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