This Dramatic I Am Jazz Sneak Peek Has Jazz Jennings Running From the Cameras

Exclusive! While prepping for the big charity drag show, Jazz Jennings starts feeling the pressure

By Chris Harnick Mar 02, 2020 6:00 PMTags

Jazz Jennings is feeling the pressure. In the above exclusive sneak peek of TLC's I Am Jazz, the reality star begins to suffer what looks like a panic attack in the middle of rehearsing for her charity drag show.

Viewers have watched Jazz plan the charity performance to raise money for her friend Noelle's gender confirmation surgery after learning Noelle's insurance wouldn't cover the procedure. Jazz previously asked her family members to perform and now she's getting ready for her own time in the spotlight.

"This is experience is probably one of the most frustrating for me. I need this performance to be perfect, not only for Noelle, but for myself as well," Jazz says in a confessional.

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In the clip above, Jazz is in the rehearsal room trying to nail the song, but she becomes increasingly frustrated the more she messes up.

"I'm just, like, not even remembering it right now," she says before getting up and rushing out of the room.

When she's asked for a recording of the song on her phone and discovers she doesn't have her device on her, that seems to be the final straw for her frustration.

"Today is just not my day," Jazz says over her mic as the cameras follow her out of the rehearsal space.. "Oh my god! What the f—k! I can't remember. This isn't good. I need to run away."

She finds comfort in a dark closet, with the cameras off her.

I Am Jazz airs Tuesdays, 9 p.m. on TLC.

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