Saved By the Bell's Lark Voorhies Reacts to Not Being Included in Reboot

Saved By the Bell’s Lark Voorhies reacts to not being included in the reboot with her former co-stars. See her new interview with Dr. Oz now.

By Mike Vulpo Feb 18, 2020 6:13 PMTags

Saved By the Bell's upcoming reboot will be missing one familiar face.

Close to five months after news broke that the show will be revived on NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock, one original cast member is speaking out about her future with the show.

In a preview clip for Wednesday's all-new Dr. Oz Show, Lark Voorhies says she was not asked to participate.

"I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt when I was not invited to be part of the Saved By the Bell reunion as well as other cast members events, yet of course," she revealed to Dr. Oz. "I also realized that having this puzzling disorder may have played a major part in that factual decision. With that in mind, I am truly thankful for having had the chance to work on a show that has been so successful."

During her rare television interview, Lark is expected to open up about her mental health challenges.

All the Information on the New Saved By the Bell

She also addresses her former castmates who have reunited both on and off-screen. When looking back at reunions posted on social media, Lark expressed her hopes that she could be included.

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"They have the right to do that and they're happy in their element and they can have it, certainly," she shared. "Family isn't kept complete without its lead."

Anchored by original stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, the new Saved By the Bell is expected to tell the story of a crop of students from a variety of socioeconomic factors.

In fact, Governor Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) gets into trouble for closing too many low-income high schools. To fix his problem, he sends affected students to the highest performing schools, including Bayside High.

A premiere date has yet to be announced but you can watch Lark's interview on The Dr. Oz Show this Wednesday. Check your local listings online.

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