Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker’s 3-Month-Old Daughter Makes Her Adorable TV Debut

Stephen “tWitch” Boss got a sweet surprise from wife Allison Holker and their newborn daughter Zaia on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Get ready for some major cuteness.

On Thursday, Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker introduced their newborn daughter Zaia, 3 months, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—and, in true Ellen DeGeneres fashion, the dancing couple's baby girl's debut was filled with some heartwarming fanfare.

During a Valentine's Day-inspired segment, the daytime host set up a kissing booth for The Ellen Show DJ, telling him that he'd be smooching some lucky audience members. But unbeknownst to tWitch, Ellen had arranged for his family to surprise him at the booth instead.  

"I have some people in the Riff-Raff Room that really want to kiss you ‘cause they didn't make it into here," Ellen told tWitch before unveiling her master plan. A little on the fence about kissing some strangers, the new dad was trilled and relieved to see Allison, her daughter Weslie, 11, their son Maddox, 3, and baby Zaia walk down the Ellen studio stairs. 

Allison Holker & Stephen "tWitch" Boss' Cutest Pictures

"I was mad suspicious," tWitch said as we welcomed his family into the booth with him. "Thank y'all so much. This is awesome."

Donning a little onesie, Zaia took in the excitement of The Ellen Show as her parents talked to Ellen. "Zaia's very excited to be here," Allison said. "This is her first time, so it's really fun. Going to The Ellen Show at 3-months-old, that's a first."

In fact, the So You Think You Can Dance alum admitted she was really happy that the kissing booth was just a set up. Allison joked, "We're so excited to be here ‘cause if I saw him kissing someone else, I might be a little mad." tWitch chimed in, "Yeah, I was a little worried. I'm glad that's how it went down."

After sharing a sweet kiss in the kissing booth, tWitch and Allison showed off their dance moves during the commercial break. Improvising as they went along, the new parents boogied to Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" for the audience and finished the number with another PDA moment.

The pair welcomed Zaia back in November and shared the news that their second child had arrived via social media. "ZAIA BOSS," Allison shared on Instagram when revealing her baby's name. "9 lbs 3 oz — 21 inches long. Healthy beautiful angel."

Speaking to E! News back in 2016, Allison opened up about her and tWitch's parenting style and how they hope to raise their children with a grounded and mindful world view.

"[Weslie] supports and loves her brother so much but we want her to know that she can spread that love so much further beyond just us," Allison, who had just welcomed Maddox at the time, told E! News. "We want her to see there are other kids out there that she can help support and know that she can make a huge difference in this world."

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