Tika Sumpter Raves About Jim Carrey & ''Dynamic'' Mixed-ish Role on Daily Pop

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 07, 2020 9:32 PMTags

Tika Sumpter has always admired Jim Carrey's work.

"I look up to him," Sumpter says of her Sonic the Hedgehog co-star in this exclusive interview clip from Friday's Daily Pop. "Most actors do."

To perform alongside one of her professional "heroes" in a feature film was an "amazing" opportunity on its own. And still, the Mixed-ish star recalls how Carrey surpassed her expectations.

"He is incredibly kind, and he's everything your hero would want to be," she tells co-hosts Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester. "They say don't meet your heroes. That's the hero you want to meet."

Sumpter remembers a particularly meaningful moment from Sonic the Hedgehog's set wherein Carrey (who she fondly describes as a "mad scientist, but…also super normal") herself and their fellow cast members collaborated in order to "[break] down a scene together."

"We were just talking and having a good time," she says of the creative process, which takes shape on the big screen starting next Friday, Feb. 14.

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Carrey was not the only subject of Sumpter's praise during her Daily Pop interview. Later, she explains why her role on ABC's sitcom Mixed-ish, currently finishing up its first season on air, is so important to her.

"The show's very important. But also, for me as a black actress, I don't always get to play these different, dynamic characters," notes Sumpter of her character Alicia. "So, she's a lawyer, but she's also a little quirky. She's not up on all the cultural things…She thinks she's cool, she's not…I love that I can be all these different things on this show, while sending an amazing message."

Watch Sumpter's full Daily Pop interview in the exclusive clip above!

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