Kelly Clarkson Learning to Make Balloon Animals Is Honestly the Funniest Thing She’s Ever Done

Kelly Clarkson got a hilariously high-stake balloon animal-making demonstration from Alison Brie on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

On Thursday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, host Kelly Clarkson faced her fears and enlisted guest Alison Brie to lead her in a balloon animal-making demonstration.

After learning that the GLOW star used to be a party clown in her teens and is skilled in the balloon arts, the "Since U Been Gone" singer tried her best to follow Alison as she walked her through the basics of making a poodle. But the friendly lesson proved to be a not-so easy feat when Alison saw her struggling to twist the balloon.

"Kelly!" the Community alum said as she jokingly scolded the daytime host. "I said twist and hold! Don't be afraid of the balloon! I've never taught this before."

Still unable to twist the balloon as instructed, The Voice judge's competitive side came out. "Are you serious?" she said to the balloon as it unraveled. Showing some support, Alison encouraged Kelly to keep going. "You can still do it," she cheered. "Go, go, go! You can do it. It's not gonna pop."

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Finally mastering the move and creating the poodle's head, Kelly couldn't contain her excitement. "YES!" she yelled before moving on to the next part of the balloon.

Once she applauded Kelly's progress, Alison jumped into the second part of the demonstration, which was to twist the balloon three more times to form the dog's body and front paws. Despite being the same instructions as before, Kelly still had some difficulties getting it right.

"You go ahead," she told Alison. "'Cuz this—we're going to be here for, like, the length of a movie."

Giving Kelly a chance to figure it out, Alison completed her poodle and showed it off to the audience. Still struggling to twist the balloons, Kelly looked at the cameramen and said, "We're gonna edit this. It's gonna be great. Holy--word—I can't say on daytime!"

But nevertheless, she persisted. After a couple of more twists, the "Piece By Piece" singer finally got it to come together and proudly displayed her balloon animal poodle to the crowd.

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As Kelly kneeled on the ground and held her poodle up high, Alison hyped her up in the background, saying, "Yes, yes! To everyone who said she couldn't do it! You did it!"

Watch Kelly and Alison's hilariously high-stake balloon animal-making demonstration in the video above!

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