Nick Kroll Has a "Totally Average" Penis, In Case You Were Wondering

While Nick Kroll's Big Mouth character may still be waiting for puberty to hit, the actor is out here letting everyone know it's perfectly cool to have a "totally average" penis.

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Nick Kroll has a big mouth when it comes to talking about his body.

During an appearance on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Big Mouth creator, writer and star joked about being a late bloomer and how it's all been fictionalized for his Emmy-nominated Netflix animated series.

As with all the characters on the raunchy comedy, Kroll's character (appropriately named Nick), struggles with his body image and all the mishaps that come with puberty.

"My character, Nick, in the show is a very late bloomer like I was," the Oh, Hello star told Jimmy Kimmel. "I didn't hit puberty, I didn't have pubes until I was, like, 15 years old. That's not a joke."

As he continued, "So, in the show, he hasn't hit puberty, so he's still got a boy penis and he's very insecure about his little penis. So, in the writers room, there's a lot of talk about like, 'Let's talk about Nick's little dick,' or 'What's happening with Nick's little penis this episode?' And I'm like, 'Guys, this is, I'm here and I'm Nick.'"

But Kroll isn't alone in having their cringe-worthy middle school memories recreated for the show. There's a little bit of truth for all of the characters on the show, played by main cast members John MulaneyJenny SlateJason MantzoukasJordan PeeleMaya RudolphFred Armisen and Jessi Klein.

As Kroll said of his co-stars, "It's like a powerhouse."

The show also has a powerhouse list of guest stars. As the actor shared, "Kristen Wiig plays Jessi's vagina. Wanda Sykes played the ghost of Harriet TubmanMartin Short plays a Canadian dentist who's struggling with his sexuality."

Thandie Newton and David Thewlis also have guest spots on the series, but Kroll's white whale is Howard Stern.

When asked if there are any celebs who have turned down a role on the show, Kroll revealed, "The one that I asked that I really always wanted to be on the show very much was Howard Stern."

As he added, "I wrote him a letter about how much I want him to be a hormone monster on the show, because who is more of a hormone monster than Howard Stern?"

As Kimmel asked of the handwritten request, "Was it like one of those letters like, 'Hey, you're the reason I started talking about how small my penis was.'"

Kroll hilariously responded, "He really did! Howard Stern paved the way for small-penised men to talk."

Then, turning directly to the camera, the star clarified one important point. "And just to be clear, America," he said, "My penis is totally average."

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