Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon’s Catchy Tune Is The Perfect Way To Kick Off Your Day

Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to perform their catchy and hilarious song "High Kickin'" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Talk about the perfect way to kick-start your day, right?

On Monday, Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon teamed up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to deliver an electric performance of their original song "High Kickin'" Decked out in ‘70s-inspired flared-out jumpsuits and rocking shaggy black wigs, the Saturday Night Live alums detailed their obsession with high kicking and the problems that arise from their deep love of the dance move. Between the hilarious lyrics and the song's funky beat, it's no surprise that "High Kickin'" made for a catchy tune.

"High kickin', high kickin' / That's kickin' way up high," Andy and Jimmy sang together. "High kickin', high kickin' / Our shoes gon' touch the sky."

Then, Jimmy took over to deliver his verse. "Since we were babies, we've been kickin' up a storm," he sang. "We started kickin' before we were born."

Breaking down the move for the audience, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star continued, "Our feet start low, and then our feet go up / Our toes in the air / We just can't get enough."

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Jimmy chimed in, "I can kick a wall, kick a tree that's tall / I can kick a shelf that's full of dolls," which was followed by an equally-incredible and totally ridiculous list of items that Andy could high kick.

"I can kick a brew," he continued. "Kick a Subaru / I can kick the moon." Turning to each other, they both sang, "But I'd never kick you."

Breaking down the toll high kickin' has taken on their lives, Jimmy kicked off the second verse, singing, "As you can see, we clearly love to kick / But it's had a negative impact on relationships."

Offering more insight, Andy sang, "Girls see us kickin' / Then ask us both to leave / Got fired from Foot Locker for kickin' my boss Steve."

Just like before, Jimmy sang a hilarious list. This time, it was of all the places he'd been asked to leave due to his obsession. "Kicked out of my school," he began. "Kicked out of the pool / Kicked out of church ‘cause I broke the rules."

For his part, Andy continued the list, "Kicked out of the mall, out of Montreal / Off the soccer field ‘cause we kicked their balls."

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After vowing to stop high kickin' once and for all, the duo's willpower is tested when they're presented with the perfect kickin' moment. But, of course, their resolution does not last long and before you know it, they're back to their high kickin' ways.

"High kickin', high kickin' / That's kickin' way up high," they sang one last time. "High kickin', high kickin' / Our shoes gon' touch the sky. Wow. Wow. Wow."

Watch Andy and Jimmy put their love of high kickin' on full display in the video above!

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