Jimmy Fallon's Cover of "Dinosaurs In Love" Is Just As Heartbreaking As the Viral Original

Jimmy Fallon performs on The Tonight Show a viral song about dinosaurs in love, written by musician Tom Rosenthal's almost 4-year-old daughter Fenn.

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Jimmy Fallon was just as moved by a little girl's heartbreaking song about dinosaurs as you were.

On Tuesday, British musician Tom Rosenthal posted on Twitter an audio recording of his almost 4-year-old daughter Fenn singing her first solo song, "Dinosaurs in Love," saying she came up with the lyrics and he helped her with the music, and backed her up on the piano. The track went viral.

On Thursday, Fallon covered the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon...complete with a British accent. His house band The Roots joined in.

Rosenthal tweeted in response to the cover, "Life is very strange."

The song's heartbreaking lyrics are as follows:

Dinosaurs eating people
Dinosaurs in love
Dinosaurs having a party
They eat fruit and cucumber
They fell in love
They say, "Thank you"
A Big Bang came
And they died
Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in love
But they didn't say good-bye
But they didn't say good-bye

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Listen to the original song below:

Watch Fallon's cover below:

"She can just about count to 20 so she doesn't really get it if I say that half a million people have listened to the song," Rosenthal told CNN about his daughter. "I told her that her grandma liked it and she wasn't that fussed about that. She enjoyed doing it, she listened to it when it was done and then she was gone."

"Dinosaurs in Love" is available on Spotify now.

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