The Internet Is Rallying Around This 2nd Grader After Her Perfect Attendance Pencil Is Stolen

Watch the adorable moment a 2nd grader shares her story of having her perfect attendance pencil stolen. Click to see why the internet has no chill.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 31, 2020 5:13 PMTags
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It's a feel good Friday indeed! 

If you thought your problems were bad, just wait until you hear about how sweet, innocent second grader Taylor got her pencil stolen by a girl in her class named Lizzie. In a video posted on Instagram, Taylor explains in the cutest way what happened to her this week in school, and the internet has no chill about it. 

"Yesterday, I put my pink perfect attendance pencil in the sharpen box. I'm the only who has the same type of those," she explains sternly to her mother who is filming. "I got it sharpened in the morning, but when I unpacked, I went to go get my pencil and guess what I saw? Nothing but yellow plain old pencils. I couldn't find my perfect attendance pencil, which is the only pencil I turned in. So I had to take somebody else's pencil because somebody, and I know who, stole my perfect attendance pencil."

Luckily for the internet, Taylor named the culprit, who is apparently a little girl in her class named Lizzie. 

"Today, I saw Lizzie using it on her morning work, and I was like Lizzie that's my pencil. She was like, 'Well it was in that box,' and I was like, 'Because I needed it sharpened.' She was like, 'It's just a pencil,' and I was like, 'it's my perfect attendance pencil.' And then Reese jumped in and said, 'Yeah she earned it. You didn't earn it, you were in Canada.'" Unfortunately, before Taylor was able to retrieve what was rightfully hers, Lizzie ended up losing the pencil in her desk. 

"Lizzie had my pencil," she ended her rant. "And I still don't have it!" While her mom reassured her that it was in fact just a pencil, the internet has rallied behind Taylor in her quest for her pencil. On Friday morning, both "Lizzie" and "Perfect Attendance Pencil" were trending on Twitter. 

One user tweeted, "It's not just a pencil it's the principle. What's her name and where can I send pencils to this baby, because everybody doing her wrong all the way around, #Lizzy, the teacher and mama." Another user commented on the principle of the matter, "Somebody get this girls pencil back from Lizzy! Lizzy didn't earn it SHE WAS IN CANADA. This kid takes cute to a whole new level!!" 

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Although most people were joking about the fact that they may not be ready to become parents based on their response to the video, one user commented that she is in fact a parent and would still have zero chill about the situation. "Nah, you're ready. Because I AM a parent. Little Lizzy would be facing the wall for the rest of the school year until she learns not to steal. Me and Lizzy's mama would have words. The teacher would be suspended. And we're sending 'it's just a pencil' lady to child services," the concerned user wrote in a tweet

Justice for Taylor! 

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