Meet the Mom Who Looks Practically Identical to Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle might have found her doppelganger in lookalike Akeisha Land, who fans are claiming looks just like the Duchess of Sussex

By Beth Sobol, Cydney Contreras Jan 30, 2020 9:57 PMTags
Meghan Markle lookalikeGetty Images/Instagram

If anyone's looking to book a Meghan Markle lookalike, then this mom has you covered.

This week Akeisha Land had people doing double-takes when her picture with her daughter, Greyson, popped up on their Instagram feeds a few days ago. Immediately after, the mother-of-two noticed the account was flooded with comments on how she looks eerily similar to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. From her head to her toes, Akeisha could basically be the Duchess' twin, which had everyone flocking to see the picture.

This came as a shock to Akeisha since Greyson's account, which is run and monitored by Akeisha, is typically just photos of cute toddler outfits and other family moments. 

But with the recent revelation, the mother-of-two says she can see herself stepping into the spotlight. She tells E! News about her potential future as a body double and more in our interview below!

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E!: What has the response to the story been like for you?

A: Madness. It's been crazy. I legitimately have anxiety right now. The outpouring of comments that have been coming in just off a photo I posted of me and Greyson… Literally every comment is about me. Normally it's like, ‘Oh, she's so cute,' and that sort of thing but it's all about me this time. It's very different! I'm not used to being in the forefront. I'm used to it being about my kids. It's overwhelming.

E!: Do you follow the royal family? Or Meghan?

A: Not really. I follow one of her fan pages because I am a fan but that's really about it. I don't follow really besides that.

E!: Do you find it flattering?

A: Definitely. I take it as a huge compliment. I think she's gorgeous so to be mistaken for a royal is definitely quite a compliment.

E!: Would you be interested in lookalike work?

A: For sure. I was joking and told one of the commenters on my post I need to reach out to her people and tell them if they ever need a doppelgänger…

E!: Or work for hire? If someone wants an Meghan lookalike for their event?

A: Yes, definitely. If they want me to go to a party as her, I'm your girl.

E!: Will you start your own page now?

A: I am going to start to try to be more in front of the camera. Yes, I definitely want to put myself out there more and not just my kiddos. I really love fashion and also talking about mom stuff. Just real life stuff. 

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