This Is How Cheer Star Lexi Ended Up Back on the Navarro Team

Cheer stars Lexi and Monica revealed how the student got back on the team after getting kicked off

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The end of Cheer, Netflix's docu-series following the competitive cheerleaders from Navarro College, left viewers heartbroken when the show revealed Lexi Brumback was off the championship-winning team following some trouble and coach Monica Aldama's zero tolerance policy. However, shortly after the show dropped on Netflix, Lexi took to Instagram to reveal she was back on the team.

"I just want to prove to everyone that I'm not my mistakes. I'm what I make of them," Lexi said in a new video put out by Netflix.

In the video, below, Lexi and Monica discuss what got Lexi kicked off the team.

"It was a very sad day when we had to have that talk, and we both cried and we both hugged it each other. We knew that it was necessary, but we knew we both didn't want it to happen," Monica explained.

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According to Lexi, Monica was open to giving Lexi a second chance to put her tumbling skills to good use. Lexi said Monica has done it before in certain situations.

"I'm really glad she did," Lexi said.

Monica praised Lexi's skills and said she was one of the best she's ever seen but said the more important factor was "I felt like she still needed me in her life." So when "they" (no word on who "they" is) reached out to Monica about giving Lexi a second chance, she said she felt Lexi's semester off the team was enough time for her to reflect on what got her kicked off in the first place.

"She really saw my potential and just didn't give up on me whenever I was making wrong decisions. I just really want to prove to her that she wasn't mistaken when she took me back," Lexi said.

Now, with the attention of Netflix audiences on her, Lexi said she's more determined than ever to deliver.

Cheer is now streaming on Netflix.

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