Watch Cheer Superfan Kendall Jenner Do a Stunt With the Netflix Cast

Kendall Jenner relived her high school cheer days on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with the help of Netflix's Cheer! Watch her perform a stunt with the Navarro College Cheer Squad here.

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Kendall Jenner's got spirit, yes she does!

On Thursday, the model relived her high school cheer days on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with the help of some very special guests: The cast of Netflix's Cheer.

After declaring herself a superfan of the celeb-favorite docu-series, host Ellen DeGeneres surprised Kendall with the opportunity to join the Navarro College Cheer Team with a special stunt demonstration led by stars Morgan Simianer, T.T. Barker, Shannon Woolsey and James Thomas. And, in true Ellen fashion, she recruited her producer Andy Lassner (a.k.a. Average Andy) to get in on the fun as well. 

Before heading to the mat, Kendall and Andy got suited up in their Navarro cheer gear and detailed their past cheer experiences. Showing off their champion-winning skills, the Cheer gang demonstrated their "Hand-in-Hand" routine, which involved an intricate flip. Knowing that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the Ellen producer weren't ready for something of that nature, they taught Kendall and Andy something a little more basic.

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"I know what a thigh-stand is, I think," Kendall said as the Navarro cheerleaders began their demo. Nervous to try, Andy gave her a little encouragement: "America's watching, go!"

To perform the move, the guys lifted Kendall from her feet into a ready position. Then, they hoisted her up and she channeled her inner cheerleader by putting her arms into a high "V." Thrilled that she nailed the move, Kendall let out a little squeal before excitedly returning to the mat.

For his part, the Cheer stars wanted to perform the same move with Andy. Prepared to take over for one of the cheerleaders at the base, the squad informed him that he would be the one going up in the air.

Confidently getting into position, the producer hilariously told the cheerleaders that they'd have to be more cautious with him than they were with Kendall. "I'm older and my bones are brittle-r," he said nervously. "Let's be real careful, guys."

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Starting off on the shaky side, the cheerleaders proved their strength and lifted Andy into the air. Once he felt secure, they lifted him even higher. But unlike Kendall, he wasn't as enthusiastic to be up there.

Watch the duo see if they have what it takes to make mat in the hilarious video above!

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