Lucy Hale, Cosmopolitan 2020

Ben Watts for Cosmopolitan

Lucy Hale has come a long way since her Pretty Little Liars days.

The actress is the cover star of Cosmopolitan's March 2020 issue, and in her interview, she defied the public perception that she's the stereotypical girl-next-door type, even if those are the characters she plays.

The 30-year-old star played high schooler Aria Montgomery in Freeform's PLL and will be playing an optimistic, happy-go-lucky 20-something in the upcoming Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene. But the Hale we see on screen is far from Hale IRL.

Now that her 20s are officially behind her, the star shared with the outlet the things she's happy to have evolved out of (for example, some of her tattoos, which she's in the process of removing).

As she explained, "When I was younger, I was constantly wanting to be with or date someone because I was so deathly afraid of being single or by myself."

"Now, I'm at the point where if I meet someone," she continued, "they better really elevate my life, because I love being single."

Hale went on to add that she has outgrown her fear of being on her own because of the type of people she was previously attracted to.

"I used to be really drawn to, like, damaged people who had been through some sh*t," she shared. "Now, I'm like, You can be nice but not boring. Nice but not a dud."

And while she might love being single, she's still human. The Truth Or Dare star revealed that she does, in fact, use dating apps, but the one she's on is so exclusive that she couldn't even name it. As it turns out, it touts other famous faces as well.

"John Mayer is on there," Hale divulged. "And I pressed yes for him, but I don't think he pressed yes for me."

The outlet then noted that Mayer has a complicated dating history. But as Hale responded, "I'm so drawn to musical talent, I don't care."

And as for future family plans, the star said she's not looking to become a mother anytime soon. (She noted of her love of her Kyleena IUD for its help on that front.) Her single life has also taught her that the things she thought should be saved for relationships, she can do herself.

"Okay, so I've wanted that Cartier Love bracelet for a long time," Hale admitted. "But I was like, Oh, I need to wait for someone to buy it for me. Now, my friends are like, ‘No, you buy it yourself.'"

You can check out the full interview online now and in the March issue of Cosmopolitan, on newsstands Feb. 11.

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