How Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Really Adjusting to Life With 3 Kids

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third daughter last fall and life have been "pretty crazy" ever since. See what else she said about parenthood during today's Good Morning America.

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Blake Lively asks for a simple favor to ask: Please stop telling her how easy can be.

In the Fall of 2019, she and husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third daughter together and life ever since has been, well, chaotic to say the least. "It's like going from 2 to 3,000," she admitted on Tuesday's Good Morning America. "I mean, we have so many children. It's pretty crazy."

With their James Reynolds, 5, Inez Reynolds, 3, and their newborn, the couple are certainly feeling outnumbered. "It's a lot," the 32-year-old confessed. "People say that going from two to three, it's the same. You know, it's kind of easy. Those people do not have three kids. It is crazy."

Even crazier perhaps? This badass did all her own stunts for her upcoming thriller, The Rhythm Section. "There's one-shot fight sequences, which is how I shattered my hand," she told Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer and Michael Strahan. "We shut down for six months. My hand basically turned into, like, feta cheese."

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Quotes on Parenthood

"I was lunging toward Jude Law with my fake rubber knife and my hand collided with his elbow," Lively added. "I broke some things and dislocated some things and severed a ligament. It was pretty intense."

Now, she's back and better than ever. Last night, she made her triumphant return to the red carpet in a stunning, black velvet gown. To finish off the look, she accessorized with black leather gloves, high heel boots and chunky emerald necklaces. And with Reynolds staying behind, she brought mom Elaine Lively and sister Robyn Lively along as her dates.

That's about the only glimpse we'll get into her family life. After all, she and her husband have become notoriously private, rarely sharing pictures of their kids and even held off on announcing their babies' names. In fact, if the Deadpool actor has any say, his girls will stay far, far away from the spotlight.

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Though oldest James wants to be an actress, he's currently set on squashing those dreams. "I was like, ‘You know what? Here's what's cheaper and easier. Let's just skip showbiz and enroll you right into cocaine,'" he has joked. "Because showbiz is not good for kids. I feel like we should know this by now, right? But parents everywhere are like, ‘Yeah, let's just put them in a movie, unsupervised.'"

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