Will Ferrell Can't Go Anywhere Without Being Called Buddy the Elf

Will Ferrell stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk with guest host Jennifer Aniston about why he's still getting called Buddy the Elf. Watch the hilarious moment.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 24, 2020 6:16 PMTags
Will Ferrell, Jennifer AnistonMichael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Apparently Buddy the Elf plays soccer in his spare time! 

Comedian Will Ferrell sat down with Jennifer Aniston while she was a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he talked about his newest film and a surprising hobby he's taken up in his spare time. Will stars alongside Julia Louis Dreyfus in their new film Downhill, and although the pair seem like the perfect comedy match, this is their first film together. 

"The first time we met was sitting down to talk about this movie," Will revealed of his previous relationship with Julia. "It's one of those things where people think we should have known each other and acted together." But there is a first time for everything, including becoming a soccer referee. 

Will opened up about his kids playing soccer, and how that has affected his life outside of acting. "In A-Y-S-O soccer a lot of the parents have to get volunteer points. You have to volunteer referee, and so a lot of times I have to wear that," he revealed as a picture of him in full referee attire was shown to the audience. "Look at that! I am ready to call off-side at any time." 

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Beyond just being a great referee, he admits being a famous actor does have its advantages on the field. "I pull the socks up, and I usually get through half a game before one of the kids on an opposing team is like, 'Are you the elf?'" he shared. "But they're in the middle of a game before they'll stop and be like, 'He's the elf' and their coach is like, 'Shut up and get the ball.'" 

Jennifer noted how that seems to be an unfair advantage for the star, but it seems anything is fair game when it comes to winning. "So it's like a distraction," Jennifer said. "So it's almost an advantage for your children. That's so smart!"You can't blame him! "Oh it's all tactical," he joked. 

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Will doesn't mind the Buddy the Elf references, in fact he shared with E! News recently that he still makes his kids watch his iconic Christmas film Elf every year. "I force them to watch Elf ten times," he joked. "Ten straight times. It's a marathon, and then you get to open a present after." 

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