Demi Lovato's Postmates Receipt Proves Her Dogs Live Like True Royalty

Demi Lovato's Postmates receipt showed that she'll spend anything for her dogs Batman and Cinderella.

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Sorry not sorry!

It's no secret than Demi Lovato loves her dogs Cinderella and Batman. In fact, the proud dog mom will do anything for her fur babies, including spoiling them with Postmates. On Friday, the popular food delivery app shared the 27-year-old's order history on its blog The Receipt, where it was revealed that Demi is willing to spend some serious cash on her pups—$118 to be exact.

Back in February 2019, the "Confident" singer treated her dogs to some presents from Kriser's Natural Pet in Los Angeles. In addition to getting Batman and Cinderella some adorable matching puppy toys, Demi made sure to have their favorite treats and goodies delivered as well. Among them were the pet wellness store's Grain-Free Turkey & Pumpkin dog food, Rogue River Beef Bully Stick and Freeze Dried Chicken dog treats.

And for dessert, she ordered them Zuke's Skinny Bakes Sweet Potato and Pumpkin treats. Talk about a successful pet store haul!

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When it comes to human food, Demi's top-ordered items included an iced green tea from Starbucks, homemade yogurt from Yogurtstop and Guacamole form Tocaya Organica. Of all the places she had ordered from, the "Stone Cold" singer's favorite restaurants are KOI for sushi and Alfred's Coffee for breakfast.

Her Receipt also shows that she's a real fan of Pressed Juices, where she got her favorites Watermelon Lemon Mint, Strawberry Basil Lemonade and Blue Lemonade. If she wanted to indulge, Demi loved to have In-And-Out delivered. And sometimes, she would get a Twinkie from 7-11.

As for the most random thing that the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer had bought through the app, her Receipt noted that she once had 7-Select Heavy Duty Sponges and a pack of playing cards Postmated from 7-Eleven. She has also bought small post-its and ballpoint pens from Staples.

Demi even ordered a birthday card using the app. As per special instructions, she requested, "Anything with cats."

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