Beyoncé Called Out Rapper Fabolous For Comparing Her to Sister Solange

Rapper Fabolous shared the story of the time Beyoncé called him out for writing an insulting lyric about her sister Solange. See how the rapper made amends to the two sisters below.

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Don't ever speak to Beyoncé or her sister, Solange, ever again.

In a new interview with radio show The Breakfast Club, rapper Fabolous revealed that an old freestyle song lyric of his was criticized by Queen Bey herself.

The line is found on the 2010 track "For the Money," which features Nicki Minaj. In one of his verses, the rapper says, "If you could have Beyoncé, would you take Solange?"

Naturally, that line didn't sit well with the Knowles sisters, who have proven they will defend each other whenever necessary (never forget the elevator). As Fabolous revealed, Bey spoke with him about the lyric.

As he said on the radio show, "The first person I saw was Bey, and Beyoncé was like, 'Yo, let me holler at you.'"

"She was just telling me that they rock with me," he explained. "And I really didn't even think when I was saying it."

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"I just didn't really connect to it like that," the rapper continued. "Punch line-y style is just to say something to be catchy and metaphoric, but I didn't see the deeper side of it. And Beyoncé, I ain't gonna share the exact conversation, but she told me this is people. Saying something like that can personally hurt her. And I said, 'You know what? I get it.' I said, 'Yo, when I see Solange, I'll apologize to her.'"

And apologize, he did. Although Fabolous revealed he didn't end up seeing Solange for a while after his conversation with the "Love On Top" singer, he eventually had his chance to clear the air.

As he shared, "I ended up seeing her at Soho House one day. It was years ago. Even the song was years ago, but I'm saying this is how I realized that."

"I seen her, so I was like, all right, let me beeline to Solange and apologize," the star continued. "And Solange, she was stiff. I'm like, 'Hey! What's up?'"

And then, adopting a stern tone to convey Solange's, Fabolous said, "She was like, 'What up?'"

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"And I was like, 'Yo, I just want you to know I didn't mean it in any malice, but I do take responsibility for saying that and I apologize,'" the 42-year-old rapper said.

Out of respect for the two sisters, Fabolous kept most of the details of their reactions to himself. But that just goes to show that the sibling love runs deep with these two. Think twice before you shade Bey's baby sister, everyone.

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