Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo Are Now Feuding Over Hummus In 2020 Super Bowl Ad

Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo have a hilarious feud over hummus in new Super Bowl ad. Click to see their funny fight.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 23, 2020 4:58 PMTags
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It's about to go down! 

Estranged friends and Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo have reunited...kind of. The ladies got together for a new 2020 Super Bowl ad for the company Sabra Hummus. The commercial plays on the feud between the pair, and apparently the only thing that could bring them together is hummus. 

For those who think this means the women have patched things up, think again! The iciness of which they greet each other will put an end to any reconciliation. Throughout the hilarious ad, the pair only say two words to each other, while giving one another side eye and angry stares. 

"We did have great times, and shame on her for the way it ended up," Teresa told Andy Cohen in November about the end of her friendship with Caroline. "She's the one that went against me, I didn't go against her." 

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As for Caroline, at the end of last year she talked about the feud between her former bestie on her son Albie Manzo's podcast Dear Albie

"I haven't responded to anything in years by design because again, that was my past," she explained of her decision to keep quiet. "I do think that for her, and I've said this before, I represent her truth and she's terrified of that because it is very clear and obvious to me that no one around her has the guts to tell her what she needs to hear. And I was the only person that did. And it was never in a way that was, well I guess there was some bitchiness to it and cattiness, but it always came from a place of trying to help her."

There is no telling what the future holds for these two, but maybe this hummus is strong enough to repair the rift left between these two women. Stranger things have happened! 

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May the best woman win! 

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