Prince Charles Seemingly Shaded Mike Pence and the Internet Is Obsessed

Buckingham Palace official has denied the claim that Prince Charles snubbed Vice President Mike Pence in Jerusalem on Thursday. Click here to watch the video.

By Jess Cohen Jan 23, 2020 4:56 PMTags
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Did Prince Charles just snub Mike Pence? The internet seems to think so.

On Thursday, the Prince of Wales and the Vice President of the United States were both in attendance at the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem. While there, Prince Charles greeted fellow attendees, sharing pleasantries as he made his way down a line of world leaders. However, in video footage posted on social media Thursday, Charles can be seen skipping over Pence, despite greeting those standing beside the VP.

In response to the speculation online, Pence's press secretary Katie Waldman has denied the snub claim. In fact, she also provided video and photo footage of Prince Charles and Pence interacting on Thursday.

"This is not true," Waldman tweeted in response to the snub accusations. "VP and Prince Charles spoke prior to entering the event floor and after his remarks as well."

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Additionally, a Buckingham Palace official has also denied the snub allegations, telling BBC that Prince Charles and Pence had a "long and warm conversation" before the ceremony on Thursday.

Despite the denials, many social media users are sharing their thoughts on Prince Charles and Pence's interaction.

"Appears? No question about it," one Twitter user wrote.

While another social media user tweeted, "No way [flushed face emoji] Pence got snubbed by Prince Charles...."

"That was a SLAM!" one Twitter user wrote.

It was just last month that another royal interaction sparked a social media frenzy. In December, the internet went wild when Princess Anne appeared to shade Donald Trump.

Take a look back at that moment in the video above.

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