Lady Gaga Sounds Off After Her Alleged Song ''Stupid Love'' Leaks Online

Lady Gaga is making jokes after her alleged song "Stupid Love" is leaked online ahead of its potential release

By Cydney Contreras Jan 23, 2020 1:36 AMTags
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Lady Gaga's got jokes.

While some stars would be annoyed or cancel the release of a leaked song, Lady Gaga is laughing in the face of adversity. It's been hours since "Stupid Love" was leaked to the world and all the artist has said in response is: "can y'all stop." To further drive home her point, she shared an oddly specific Shutterstock image of a person in a ski mask listening to a song. 

Of course, there's no reason to be upset when your alleged song is now one of the most popular leaked tunes on the internet right now. One would even say it's increased the excitement surrounding her potential release of new music. 

Nonetheless, the Star Is Born actress is keeping the secrets and the music to herself for the time being. Any signs of the fan-favorite tune have since been scrubbed from social media and the internet as a whole, although some desperate Little Monsters can likely find it if they look hard enough.

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According to those who have spoiled the yet-to-be-released song for themselves, it's a catchy tune with an electric-dance flair, similar to that of her previous works. 

Many of Gaga's monsters also believe she's been teasing the release of her sixth studio album for more than three months. In Oct. the artist shared a photo of herself painting a pumpkin with friends. This seemed innocent enough at first, but then fans noticed the star was playing a song called "Stupid Love" on her phone, which only a highly-observant person would recognize. One person commented, "Release stupid love we know that it was supposed to come out a minute ago!!!!!"

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Ultimately, it seems someone else took matters into their own hands and released it for her. 

Let's hope another leak doesn't take place before she can release #LG6 on her own. She's been teasing the album for quite some time and appeared to be so hard at work on it, she hasn't even had the time to bathe. Some will recall she literally tweeted, "#LG6. my assistant: when's the last time you bathed. me: i don't remember."

We stan a hardworking queen. 

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