Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval Bans Stassi Schroeder From TomTom After Explosive Fight

Confrontation broke out between the co-stars during last night's new episode.

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 22, 2020 4:13 PMTags

Stassi Schroeder's book signing bash turned volatile during Tuesday night's new Vanderpump Rules. And according to co-star Tom Sandoval, the Next Level Basic author is now "literally banned" from TomTom, the West Hollywood bar he co-owns alongside friend Tom Schwartz and master restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump.

"If she comes in, she's getting thrown out immediately," Sandoval declared, upset over accusations made by Stassi amid their screaming fight earlier in the episode. In light of "rage texts" penned by Ariana Madix's boyfriend in the middle of the night—Sandoval initially agreed to host the event at TomTom, but became irate when his bartenders canceled last-minute—and noticeable attitude during the gathering itself, Stassi called him a "selfish, egotistical piece of s--t" in front of its attendees and claimed he was just peeved because the book party wasn't all about him.

"Stassi saying that I'm jealous and making sure that literally every person in the room can hear is her trying to make me look bad," lamented Sandoval to a bewildered Schwartz after the fact. "She's not gonna do that in my place. Nobody yells like that at anybody, especially me, dude."

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Though Sandoval might not have been yelling, per se, when Stassi confronted him at the book signing, he wasn't making much of an attempt to keep frustrations to himself either. "At two o'clock in the morning, I'm wondering how the f--k I'm going to staff my place," he huffed upon arrival, despite the fact that Schwartz did manage to pull together a new team of employees.

"It was a bit of a scramble there, but we handled it," Schwartz explained, considerably less upset about the ordeal than his partner, who he suspected was upset because Stassi didn't coordinate with him directly. Also, while Katie Maloney-Schwartz's husband was prepared to lend a hand behind the bar if necessary, the other Tom was not.

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"Somewhere deep in [Sandoval's] subconscious, the idea of bartending Stassi's event and serving her is so painful that he'd rather just kick her out of the bar than do it," he told the Vanderpump Rules camera.

But Sandoval insisted his concerns were logistical—how could Stassi make these arrangements without consulting him when scheduling is his wheelhouse, not Schwartz or Lisa's?—and did not back down from his side of the argument, even as Schwartz pointed out that the situation was really "no big deal."

"The thing that bothers me most about this book party is the lack of consideration from Stassi," Sandoval said in his own confessional. "I did not hear from her at all. She asked Schwartz."

Will Schroeder's name really end up on TomTom's no-entry list after all this? To find out, tune in for a new episode of Vanderpump Rules next Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 9 p.m., on Bravo.

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