Watch Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian Debate Over Who Kris Jenner Loves More

Kylie Jenner and her big sister Kim Kardashian got together for a little makeup and a friendly Q&A session. See their hilarious answers to some fun fan questions.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 22, 2020 12:48 AMTags
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There is no bond stronger than the bond between sisters! 

For her YouTube channel, Kylie Jenner sat down with big sister Kim Kardashian to do her makuep. The two women have been trying to film this video for years according to them, and finally got a chance to make it happen. Throughout the video, Kim is very open to answering her sister's fun and harmless questions, until the topic of who is mom's favorite comes into play. 

While they did their makeup, the ladies also answered fan questions. "Who do you think mom likes better," Kim asks her sister. "I think she likes you better." However, Kylie doesn't quite agree with that perspective of the situation. "I think you're her OG, you know," Kylie explained. Kim still has some reasons of her own for admitting her choice. 

"The reason I think she likes you better is because..." she says before being cut off by Kylie. "She definitely likes us the same, but if we're being funny..." Kylie argued. Hilariously enough, Kim is not letting this idea go. 

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"She's like me, and I treat her like the queen of the world," Kylie explained of her relationship with Kris Jenner. Kim has to admit that when it comes to the treatment of the matriarch of their family, Kylie's got her beat. "It's truly that you treat her the most amazing," Kim agrees before putting an end to the topic.

Kylie also shared a fun little tidbit about herself and something people don't know about her, like how her epic "Rise and Shine" viral moment wasn't a surprise for those who know her best. 


"This is what people don't understand is I've always sung everything," she said. "Like, I sing-talk ever since I was younger...Now, every time I sing people are like, 'They'll never be another, Rise and Shine' and I'm like, 'Leave me alone, I always sing.'"

Kylie also revealed that she would be a makeup artist if she wasn't, you know, Kylie Jenner. Before the video ended, Kylie jokingly kept one of her sister's lashes, because you never know when you'll need a classic Kim Kardashian lash! 

Famous or not, they'll always be sisters! 

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