Brad Pitt Took Dax Shepard On a "Spectacular" Date Straight Out Of Pretty Woman

Brad Pitt took his no. 1 admirer Dax Shepard on a date so "spectacular" that Shepard felt like "Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman." Read on for all the details.

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Once upon a Hollywood, a beautiful bromance was born.

Back in September, Ellen DeGeneres surprised Dax Shepard—her The Ellen DeGeneres Show guest host and Brad Pitt's no. 1 admirer—with a little message from the single star himself. "I have a little bit of a crush on Dax Shepard," Pitt admitted in the clip played. And, as to be expected from anyone in that situation, Shepard absolutely freaked out.

Or rather, he's still absolutely freaking out four months later. "I'm not over it," he raved to DeGeneres on Tuesday. "First of all, dangerous move for you to just do as a surprise while I was guest hosting because, as I've learned, there's a lot of balls in the air here. OK? You're juggling really quickly. And, you get hit with something like that—love of your life telling you it's not unrequited, in fact, he likes you back—that's overwhelming. But I proceeded on and we finished the show."

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And since that momentous day, their romance has, well, escalated.

"I went on a date with him," the Parenthood alum revealed. "I'm not kidding you. In Brad Pitt fashion, it was spectacular. We took a helicopter—you think I'm lying—we took a helicopter to a motorcycle track. We both love riding motorcycles. And just the two of us just took a jaunt up to this motorcycle track."

To Shepard—he's been married to Kristen Bell since 2013—their outing truly seemed like something straight out of a fairytale. (Or maybe The Bachelor.) "I felt like Pretty Woman. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman," the dad of two gushed. "I was waiting for him to set that chopper down on Rodeo and let me just go wild in one of those stores with his credit card. If it had happened, it wouldn't have surprised me. It was that incredible."

"And so we went up and you know he's everything you'd hope," the 45-year-old continued. "He attacked that track like his character from Troy. He's a warrior on two wheels." 

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Alas, Shepard does have just one regret. "You know, when you ride motorcycles, you're in head-to-toe leather," he explained to DeGeneres. "So,  I wasn't seeing trapezia, no abs." 

There is, however, always next time. "Next date it'll hopefully be some kind of beach community where we can splash around a little bit," he added. "Brad, let's hit the beach my friend."

Fingers crossed they become Instagram official soon.

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