Dog owners across the country may be green with envy after meeting this four-legged friend.

North Carolina resident Shana Stamey and her family have caught the attention of animal lovers across the country after their white German shepherd named Gypsy gave birth to eight puppies last week.

While everything started off perfectly normal, things took a turn when it was time for the arrival of puppy No. 4.

According to Shana, the young pooch was born with lime green fur.

"He was lime green and super mad, so yeah, he became Hulk," Stanley told WLOS. "Mom licks it away until I bathe it, and then, I guess after a couple of washes, it will finally fade out."

Hulk's owner said she went to professionals to ensure the green fur wasn't harmful. Shana later learned that the color is a stain from meconium, an infant's mammal's earliest stool.  

For those curious, Hulk was just one of the names this family was considering before making a final decision.

Hulk The Puppy


Runner-ups included Gremlin, Pistachio and even Pikachu.

Perhaps it makes sense as the dog's color begins to fade to yellow after a few special baths.

Ultimately, Shana plans to put Hulk and his siblings up for adoption when they're old enough. But for now, Hulk serves as "a good luck charm." After all, it's not every day you see a dog with a wagging green tail!

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