Watch Jimmy Fallon Frustrate and Fluster Tyler Perry During a Game of Catchphrase

Tyler Perry and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Catchphrase game with Yara Shahidi and The Roots' Tariq was filled with hilarious frustrations and flusters—especially from Perry.

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Think fast!

On Tuesday, Tyler Perry and Jimmy Fallon put their Catchphrase skills to the test on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Joined by Grown-ish's Yara Shahidi and The Roots' Tariq Trotter, the quartet did their best to get their teammates to guess the word they were describing with only seconds on the clock. Of course, a game this high-stakes didn't go off without some hilarious flusters and frustrations, especially if you're a Catchphrase newbie like Tyler.

Kick-starting the game was Tyler, who was on a team with Yara. The duo breezed through the first round by identifying clues like "dodgeball," "walkie talkie" and "Oprah [Winfrey]," but got stumped when the buzzer rang during their turn and cut the Madea Goes To Jail star off as he answered "Ukele."

Feeling competitive, Tyler said, "But that ‘U' is a point. Ukele. Where are—who are the judges?" Not fully understanding the rules of Catchphrase, Tyler and Yara challenged Jimmy on why they lost. Jokingly, the famous filmmaker said, "You know what? You just make up the rules. It's your show."

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Moving on to round 2, Jimmy did his best to help Tariq to say "Spill The Tea," which proved to be a difficult feat for the late night host.

He began, "It's another word for gossip…it's three words…Andy Cohen says it all the time…If it's not in your cup." After guessing things like "Ear Hustling" and "Talking The Tea," the MC finally got the answer. 

Much to their advantage, their lengthy turned worked in their favor and the buzzer went off in the middle of Tyler and Yara's turn.

Upset again, Tyler tried to make sense of what just happened. "Let me tell you what's wrong with this game," he said. "You can take all the time and run up the buzzer and then we have to make our round…" Then, the strategy of Catchphrase became clear to the Why Did I Get Married director.

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Seeing Tyler's comical frustrations with the game, Jimmy made sure to take his time delivering the first clue for the final round, which, naturally, made his opponent even more upset. Using what he's learned, Tyler made sure to deliver his clue to Yara extra speedy to prevent the buzzer from going off on them again.

See if Tyler's new tactic paid off in the hilarious video above!

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