The Bachelor's Champagne-Gate Is Here, and You Can Watch a Sneak Peek Of How It Starts

Exclusive: Watch the beginning of Champagne-gate, a moment that Chris Harrison says will make us laugh, cry, and cringe all in one

By Lauren Piester Jan 10, 2020 4:00 PMTags

Champagne-gate is coming. 

While we've all been busy talking about Hannah Brown's emotional appearance on The Bachelor, we've forgotten to look forward to what is apparently going to be the new thing we're going to be talking about after next week's episode: Champagne-gate. 

You can get a sneak peek above, but basically, Kelsey wants to share a special bottle of champagne with Pilot Pete, and she sets up a little romantic moment for the two of them, only to have it accidentally usurped by Peter and Hannah Ann. We can only assume that things escalate from there, and Chris Harrison says to except to feel a whole range of emotions as it unfolds. 

"Oh my gosh," he said when asked about it at the TV Critics Association Press Tour on Wednesday. "I can tease you it's this week, and it's a story that's gonna make you laugh, make you cringe, make you cry, and it has layers." 

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If that's not enough to intrigue you...

"There's about five things that happen, and if one of those things happened, you'd be like, damn," he continued. "By the time the fifth thing's happened, you're like, dammmmn, with like five more Ms. It's stunningly funny and just, when people say you really must script these things, you could not script this. It's as good as anything you're going to see in any Oscar-nominated movie." 

Talk about a tease! 

Of course, next week's episode will also continue with the conclusion to Peter and Hannah's emotional talk, followed by a group date that has the women modeling in a fashion show for REVOLVE, with guest judges Carson Kressley and Janice Dickinson

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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