Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for National Board of Review

It's been a long road for the two legendary actors. 

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have starred in three iconic movies together spanning the last three decades. They've played a couple since starring together in The Wedding Singer in1998, 50 First Dates in 2004 and then again in Blended in 2014. Safe to say, they are one of Hollywood's mainstays when it comes to their onscreen chemistry. Drew was given the opportunity to present her real-life friend with his Best Actor award at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala on Wednesday, and the Uncut Gems actor got emotional thanking his partner in crime. 

"Drew, that was amazing. You were just saying all of that stuff and it was amazing. You just winged it, and I know you thought about it but you were so cool," he shared while getting choked up. "I'm glad we met and I'm glad we did all...and we always make our movies together and I love you, buddy. And I love your kids and I love everything about you." 

The funnyman was clearly moved by his former co-stars touching tribute to his work, but quickly pivoted to joking about this huge honor. "Best Actor," he remarked in disbelief. "And I know [Robert] DeNiro's nervous around me now. You've done some good s--t but you know." Before moving onto his touching speech, he then shared one last joke with Drew. 

"One joke I don't want to forget, I said, Drew and I did 50 First Dates, and Uncut Gems the original title was 50 F-Words in the first four minutes," he joked. "Not that good." Who knows, maybe this sweet reunion will lead to another collaboration between the movie stars. Drew told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2018 that she hasn't ruled out doing another movie with her old friend. 

"Adam and I text all the time about our next thing, and we're like, ‘We're so fat. We're so old. What the f--k?'" the Never Been Kissed star said. "Like, literally, the last thing I suggested to him was like ‘On Golden Pond question mark.'" When Andy pressed for more, she explained that there is one old classic she would be interested in revisiting. 

"I'm into Planes, Trains and Automobiles with me and Adam on Netflix," she revealed, "except I'm, like, Del Griffith."

The only thing better than these two starring in another romantic comedy, is their real life love story. 

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