John Cena Knows Exactly What To Do With Your Terrible Holiday Presents

John Cena destroyed "cruddy" Christmas presents with a sledgehammer in a hilarious segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out the cathartic video below.

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Need to get rid of the Christmas presents you hate? John Cena can help with that.

During an appearance on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the famed wrestler dished about the "cruddy" Christmas gift his dad gave him and how badly he wanted to destroy it. Luckily for him, that's exactly what host Jimmy Kimmel employed him to do for audience members.

First, let's talk about Cena's gift from his dear old dad.

As the Doolittle actor explained, "The gift giving thing, I am not a fan of because my family—I have four brothers, they have families of their own. I think the resources should go to the kids, and instead we got into a contest of trying to out-gift each other and people wasting money on things that none of us will use."

So, to avoid gift receiving altogether, Cena and the adults in his family made a pact to only get gifts for the kids. But Papa Cena didn't follow the rules this year.

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As the actor said, "He got me a gift, which he thought was so very special. It is a ceramic wine bottle holder that is two revolvers. I don't live in, like, a Western ranch. I don't live in a saloon."

And he didn't hold his opinion back for the sake of his father.

"I told him I hated it," Cena revealed. "I really wanted to destroy it 1) because he kind of violated our agreement of trust, so he wanted to give that gift to be like, 'I gave a gift! Merry Christmas!' like he did a good thing. But he actually did a bad thing by violating the pact. And he got me a really cruddy gift."

To get out all of his holiday present frustration, Kimmel gave the WWE alum a massive sledgehammer to destroy other peoples' presents.

First up was a pig bowl. As the participant said of a gift she got from her sister, "I asked for a classy serving bowl so I could serve my boss when I had him over, and this is what she gave me."

As for her gift, the Tuscon native got her sibling an autographed Neil Gaiman book. Horrified, Cena turned to the camera and said, "Lauren, your sister gave you a signed book by one of the greatest graphic novelists of our time and you picked through the bargain bin at Big Lots. Shame! Shame! Shame! And that's why this little piggy is going to hell!"

Bye bye, pig bowl. After smashing tbe present, the star said, "So here's a better gift. It's a John Cena action figure signed by John Cena."

Now, check out the rest of the video to see Cena wreck some Christmas ornaments filled with...underwear.

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