Coco Arquette, Romeo Beckham and More Celeb Kids You Should Be Following on TikTok

Courteney Cox, Judd Apatow and more stars are making appearances on TikTok and it's their kids who are to thank

By Cydney Contreras Jan 07, 2020 9:36 PMTags
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Celebrity kids—they're just like us!

If you've not yet fallen victim to the endless scroll that is the TikTok For You page, then you're about to. Thrown in along with the rest of the "Say So" dance challenges and other mind-numbing videos are clips from celebrity kids like Coco ArquetteRomeo Beckham and so many more. 

Of course, it's not the easiest to find these celeb kids' profiles since the For You page is generated by an algorithm, but every once in awhile TikTok users will stumble upon a celeb sighting. Like Iris Apatow's video of parents Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann performing the iconic scene from This Is 40 when Paul Rudd tells Leslie how he'd kill her if he had to. 

Most recently, Courteney Cox went viral for her less than enthusiastic dance routine with her daughter. "Wanna see your child lose their patience?" she wrote on Instagram. "Do a TikTok with them. #familyaerobics."

Cutest Celeb Kids on Instagram

Intimate moments like these are a dime a dozen on TikTok and fortunately you can check out just a few of those candid videos below. 

As Coco put it, she and her mom participated in some "family aerobics." But if you asked Courteney she'd likely say it was a test of her daughter's patience. 

One look at Coco's page though and it's clear her mom is more than willing to go along with Coco's ideas. The Friends star was featured in one of Coco's dance videos with Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's daughter, Iris. 

Speaking of Iris, she has her very own verified TikTok page, which features funny videos, footage of her getting ready and the occasional nod to her parent's library of work. She also throws in the occasional clip of their family cat, a delight to her more than 40,000 followers.

This next celeb kid had fans roaring with delight when her mom, Laura Dern, jumped into the video to dance along to Doja Cat's "Say So." After throwing out some edgy dance moves, Laura ran out of frame only to throw Jaya back and onto the floor. Suffice to say the video went viral. 

Other than that, Jaya doesn't post a ton, instead following the saying, "Quality over quantity."

A roundup of all the celeb kids' Tik Toks wouldn't be complete without a mention of at least one of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham's three sons. 

Romeo Beckham is the Beckham son with the largest following so far, currently standing at a count of 225.8 thousand followers. While he is practically a celebrity in his own right, he amassed many of those followers when he posted a video of himself and his mom dancing to the hit Spice Girls song "Spice Up Your Life." In the video, which was viewed over 3 million times, Victoria proves she still knows the dance moves by heart. 

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's lookalike daughter has yet to include the Goop businesswoman in any of her videos, but there's no doubt an appearance is coming any day now. 

For the most part, the teen is flying under the radar, but numerous people can't shake the feeling they know her from somewhere. One user commented, "I stg I used to do gymnastics with you... or something?"

Last but not least is Reese Witherspoon's son Deacon Phillippe. Now, Deacon's account appears to be private, but back in September, Reese revealed Deacon was teaching her the ways of the TikTok. Together, they did the Milly Rock, but Deacon didn't seem too impressed. "This is so embarrassing," he quipped to the camera.

Embarrassing or not, Deacon continues to do TikToks with his mom, like any dutiful son would. 

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