Rejoice! The CW Just Renewed All Of Its Current Shows

The CW just announced that 13 of its current shows will be returning in the 2020/2021 season, including Riverdale, The Flash, Supergirl, Roswell, and more.

By Lauren Piester Jan 07, 2020 8:30 PMTags
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Bless you, CW. 

The network decided to bring us some of the best news ever today by announcing that every single one of its current shows is renewed for the 2020/2021 season. Sure, it feels like a bit of a crime to make us think about 2021 when we're barely a week into 2020, but at least it's a happy crime. The happiest crime of all, if you're a CW fan. 

This includes All American, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Charmed, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, The Flash, In the Dark, Legacies, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Roswell, New Mexico, and Supergirl

Of course, this does not include Supernatural, Arrow, and The 100, which were all previously announced to end in 2020. 

Katy Keene, the Riverdale spinoff that has yet to premiere, also got in on the fun with an order of 13 additional scripts for its first season, which premieres February 6.

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This means a season two for Batwoman and Nancy Drew, while All American, Charmed, In the Dark, Legacies, and Roswell, New Mexico will all be going into their third seasons, and Dynasty and Black Lightning will be in season four. Riverdale will be heading into season five, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow into season six, and The Flash into season seven. 

This is becoming somewhat of a fun tradition for the CW. Last January, they also announced a similar renewal for almost all of their shows, save for All American and Roswell. Those shows were then quickly renewed after they proved popular on Netflix, because The CW's not about to let us all down with an unresolved cliffhanger. And that's why they're the best.

Just kidding, we love all networks equally. (But we'd love them all MORE equally if they didn't cancel shows before their time.) 

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