See Lilliana Vazquez & Scott Tweedie Relive Their Journeys to E! News During First NYC Show

Watch Vazquez and Tweedie look back at their most memorable moments en route to 30 Rock!

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 06, 2020 4:39 PMTags

Wait for it…

That's what E! News co-host and Australia native Scott Tweedie kept telling himself (and his smartphone camera) during an air trip round the world that ultimately led him from Sydney to his new home in New York City. At hour 31—following numerous video updates shared with fans via Instagram along the way—Lilliana Vazquez's reporting partner had finally arrived in the Big Apple.

"Thank you for being so patient," Tweedie says at the start of his travel vlog series' final installment, which he and Vazquez jointly relive in this clip from this morning's inaugural NYC E! News broadcast. Wrapping up his Manhattan-bound video updates, Scott sports a grin and a t-shirt with "NEW YORK" emblazoned across the chest while ceremoniously stepping out of a yellow taxi to the trumpeted tune of classic jazz.

"For the next 24 hours, that song was playing everywhere I was walking," Scott jokes during today's show. "It just wouldn't stop."

His co-host—who, despite her roots in Fort Worth, Texas, "went four whole stops on the F train" before arriving at 30 Rock this morning—acknowledges her Scott has come quite a long way to get here. Naturally, she also takes note of his NY t-shirt in the look-back video.

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"I love how you just fully embrace tourist mode," quips the veteran TV personality and style expert. "You're like, 'Get me the NY t-shirt!' I feel like there's a sweatshirt in the closet."

As for similar NY-themed garments, Tweedie doesn't comment on-air (we now know he took some Time Square selfies after the grand taxi exit, though!). But he's certainly not the only co-host whose journey to E! News was marked with special moments.

"You actually released a video of you signing your contract when you got the job," Scott says, turning to Lilliana before her own nostalgia video pops up onscreen.

See Lilliana's genuinely moving contract-signing clip—featuring the co-host's very sweet and supportive family members—in the full clip above!

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