How Priyanka Chopra Achieved Her Gorgeous Old Hollywood Hairstyle at the 2020 Golden Globes

Priyanka Chopra's hairstylist breaks down exactly how to accomplish her 2020 Golden Globes look below.

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Priyanka Chopra stunned on the 2020 Golden Globes red carpet last night.

Arriving arm-in-arm with husband Nick Jonas, the actress appeared in a gorgeous pink Cristina Ottaviano floor-lengthgown, accessorized with a diamond Bvlgari necklace. For her hair, the star sported long, curly locks that resembled old Hollywood glamour, making her look a standout of the night.

But how did she accomplish the shiny style? Her hair stylist, Christian Wood, dished on how her stunning tresses were created.

In a how-to guide obtained by E! News, Wood said the style was inspired by Chopra's dress and jewelry. As he shared, "As soon as I saw her stunning pink gown and beautiful diamond necklace, I knew it had to be old Hollywood shiny waves with a deep side part for the Globes!"

And the style is surprisingly not too complicated to do at home. It's all about using the perfect products to create that enviable shine.

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First and foremost, the hair guru said the key to Chopra's shine was the shampoo and conditioner used to wash her hair.

"I always encourage my girls to wash their hair with a great shampoo and conditioner before styling begins," he said. "A favorite of mine is Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, which is a great base for glossy shiny waves."

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Once the hair is clean and ready to go, Wood explained the hairdryer can help with shine.

As he said, "Next, apply Suave Professionals Firm Control Boosting Mousse on damp hair from root to tip. It's a great product for blow drying as it's not too heavy but gives great hold. Then starting at the nape, do a classic round brush blow dry using the NEW ghd helios professional hairdryer and ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 4."

As a pro tip, Wood said to always point the hairdryer downwards to help boost shine.

Once the hair is parted to the desired side, Wood said to run a pea-sized amount of enhancing and shine-boosting serum through all of the hair. Then, use a hair straightener to "take any kinks away from around the hairline, nape and parting."

As he added, "This will help reduce flyaways and give a more polished feel."

To nail the curls, Wood gave specific instructions. "Starting at the nape of the neck, take 1 inch sections of hair and spray with Suave Professionals Firm Control Finishing Hairspray, then curl the ends of the hair using ghd curve® soft curl iron. You want to create a smooth bounce at the ends and the back of the head not a wave."

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"Once the back of the hair is complete," he continued, "Take the front section of hair with the deeper side and starting at the ear take one inch sections of hair, spray with hairspray and wrap around a ghd curve® soft curl iron, holding for 5 seconds. Release and repeat until the whole side has a nice deep wave."

Once the hair has cooled down for five minutes, gently brush the curls until they look soft and glossy. Hairspray it all for good measure—using a toothbrush to pin down small flyaways—and voila! Perfectly coiffed curls for a night of Hollywood glamour.

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