Joaquin Phoenix won big at the 2020 Golden Globes last night.

The actor received a standing ovation at Sunday's award show as he walked to the stage to accept the trophy for Best Actor in Motion Picture, Drama, but one guest in particular did not stand for the star.

As the Joker actor made his way to the stage, Beyoncéwas one of the few stars in the audience who didn't partake in the standing ovation. And Twitter noticed it immediately.

Sharing a photo of the moment Phoenix walked by a seated Queen Bey, one fan tweeted, "Beyoncé sitting during the standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix's win is the type of energy I want to see from everyone in 2020."

While that fan thought it was a hilarious moment from the singer, others felt the star was trying to make a statement with her refusal to stand, calling it disrespectful.

As one user tweeted, "Out of respect, she should've stood up. Wtf." Chimed in another, "Pretty rude tbh."

Others had much more heated reactions.

As one Twitter user said, "You're a joke for not standing up for Joaquin Phoenix. Understandable to make a statement. But that's just poor sportsmanship for someone that actually deserved recognition." They also called the performer "entitled and arrogant."

Just as she received criticism, there were just as many people coming to the star's defense.

Many believed she didn't stand simply because her opulent gold and black dress was either difficult to move around in, or its large sleeves would block the view of audience members. Some even argued that the star might have thought her dress would get in Phoenix's way as he walked through the already crowded audience.

"Let's not create any mess here," one user tweeted. "She most likely didnt stand because she would be in way when he walked by. She smiled and clapped."

The Lion King actress—whose song "Spirit" was nominated for Best Original Song at the award ceremony—did stand for other winners, but it's hard to believe Queen Bey intended to throw shade by not standing for Phoenix.

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