Paul Rudd Has a "Side Hustle" Business You Might Not Know About

Plus, the actor talks playing two versions of himself during our exclusive 2020 Golden Globes interview

By Brett Malec Jan 06, 2020 3:35 AMTags
Watch: Paul Rudd Talks Playing Clones and Side Hustle at 2020 Golden Globes

What's it like playing two versions of yourself?

"It's a little strange but you start to get into the groove of being able to kind of keep track of both in my mind," Golden Globes nominee Paul Rudd told E! News' Ryan Seacrest at tonight's red carpet of his role in the Netflix comedy Living With Yourself. "It can get a little confusing when I'm not looking at anything."

But acting isn't Rudd's only gig these days. In fact, he has a sweet "side hustle" some fans might not know of.
"Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton and I and my wife, we own a candy store called Samuel's Sweet Shop. It's in Rhinebeck, NY, check it out!" Rudd dished.

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As for his top candy pick, he revealed, "My favorites right now, sour Santas."
"Can you still have a sour Santa right now?" Seacrest asked?
"I think they last till about February," Rudd smiled.

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