Jessie J Shuts Down Channing Tatum Split Speculation Once and For All

Jessie J got emotional on Instagram, leading some to believe she was mourning the end of her relationship with Channing Tatum, but the truth was anything but.

By Cydney Contreras Jan 02, 2020 9:07 PMTags
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Jessie J is more than just her relationship status.

The singer's breakup from Channing Tatum may be making headlines left and right, but there are other things the Brit is dealing with, like grieving the loss of her longtime friend and security guard Dave. This December marked the first anniversary of Dave's death by suicide, a matter which she discussed at length in one of her latest Instagram posts. 

In the somber and honest caption, the 31-year-old revealed she is "healing" after her friend's death. "Sending LOVE to anyone who feels alone. We need you around. You are stronger than you know, and are capable of finding your happy time again," the performer shared. "Talk to someone who can give you professional advice."

To the average reader, this may seem cryptic or ominous coming after news of her split, but to her many fans it was clear that she was speaking out in respect to her friend's passing. 

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However, since she didn't name Dave or mention his passing, it seems some people assumed her caption was related to her breakup with Channing. One outlet wrote about her "healing" message and shared the article with the caption: "Nothing heals a broken heart better than time, and Jessie J knows alllll about it. After her split from #ChanningTatum, the songstress got real about heartbreak and healing in a candid Instagram post."

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Jessie J saw this Instagram post and ended up calling out the site for misconstruing her words. "The songstress got REAL about her best friend she lost this time last year," she responded. "Lying isn't journalism. They taught you that right?"

The outlet has since revised their caption to reflect that Jessie is mourning the loss of a friend and not her relationship to the Magic Mike star.

Nonetheless, it was too late and many people rushed to the defense of the pop singer. One Instagram user wrote, "Not everything she posts is about Channing or their relationship."

In reality, the Brit has said very little about her split from Tatum. In mid-December, a source revealed she and Channing parted ways, but remain good friends. Since then, the singer has shared that she was feeling "not so fun" around the holidays, but that's about it.

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