Go Inside Queer Eye’s Tan France’s Vintage Chic Home

Tan France took the world on a tour inside his lavish, luxury home. Keep reading to see inside the Queer Eye stars beautiful place.

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A house fit for a king! 

Queer Eye star and fashion expert extraordinaire Tan France let Architectural Digest have a peek inside his beautiful Salt Lake City home that he shares with his husband Rob France. Tan knows a thing or two about style, but it turns out he's also got a little bit of interior design knowledge up his sleeve as well. 

The star gave a tour of his beautiful home that he didn't actually step inside before purchasing in 2017. "The house was built in 1906, and I actually ended up purchasing it over FaceTime," he admits. "I was away, I called my husband. He came to the home and showed me around on FaceTime and I said, 'We're buying that house,' and he said, 'There is no way it's hideous.'" 

Luckily, thanks to Tan's impeccable taste, which he attributes to his sexuality, he was able to convince his hubby. "I would like to believe that being incredibly gay, I have vision," he shared. 

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Luckily, his visions came true and he was able to persuade his love to make the purchase. The result is a gorgeous 3,000 square foot masterpiece that has taken the original 1906 property and made it a modern masterpiece. The main floor is a English cottage-style layout with beautiful archways without doors to create an open feeling. 

As if that wasn't already impressive, Tan's closet takes up one whole floor of the house. Plus, the couple is going to turn their basement into his secondary closet. It's a fashion lovers dream come true. In case you're wondering, Tan didn't need to call upon any of the Queer Eye guys to help with his cozy home design.

"This is a very common misconception," he shared. "That because I have very easy access to an interior designer, Bobby [Berk], that I would have asked Bobby for advice. However, I wanted to show Bobby that I could do it and that I'd learned. So, no. I didn't ask Bobby Berk. He's seen it and he seemed very impressed." 

A small yet shocking detail in his home is that Tan hides all of his awards from Queer Eye behind a clock in his living room. He loves what he's been able to accomplish, but that doesn't mean that he's not very humble when it comes to his success. "I'm very proud of what the show has achieved," he shared. "But I'm also very embarrassed by the accolades." 

As the old saying goes: work hard, stay humble! 

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