Revisit 21 Iconic Celebrity Cameos From Sex and the City

Matthew McConaughey! Sarah Michelle Gellar! Justin Theroux! Brush up on your guest star trivia before, during or after tuning in to E!'s all-day SATC marathon.

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The onset of the new year is prime time for planning ahead. But before diving into the next decade, consider waving goodbye to this one alongside a particularly legendary group of women—in addition all the famous faces their beloved HBO series brought to the big and small screens.

New Year's Eve 2019 is officially upon us, and E!'s Sex and the City marathon is already in full swing. For those who've yet to tune in, the cinematic celebration of everything SATC kicked off last night with the rom-com television show's 2008 feature film followed by every episode ever aired during its acclaimed six seasons. E! is rolling out all 94 episodes in chronological order, which means interested audiences can still catch the latter half of season two in addition to seasons three, four and five if they start right now.

To prepare for this sentimental stroll down some fabulous Upper East Side sidewalk, we're looking back at a handful of our favorite SATC guest appearances and celebrity cameos. And it isn't a short list!

From Matthew McConaughey to Carrie Fisher to Sarah Michelle Gellar to Elizabeth Banks to Justin Theroux, SATC saw a medley of Hollywood personalities—those names are just a fraction of its overall guest talent headcount—temporarily spice up its set and storytelling onscreen.

So, before checking out the marathon (which is scheduled to run non-stop through tomorrow evening, Jan. 1), revisit a handful of SATC's most memorable cameos by scrolling through the photos below!

Justin Theroux

In "The Monogamists" (season one), the actor's character gets flirty with Carrie after being introduced by Stanford. Jennifer Aniston's ex also pops up in "Shortcomings" (season two) as a fellow writer named Vaughn Wysel whose relationship with Carrie ultimately falls apart over performance problems in the bedroom. 

Jon Bon Jovi

Fresh off another breakup from Big, Carrie meets Seth Robinson—played by the rocker—in "Games People Play" (season two) in the waiting room of her therapist's office. Sparks fly over a playful game of Twister, but that's about at far as it goes for the pair. 

Alanis Morisette

The singer and Carrie lock lips during a game of Spin the Bottle in "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..." (season three). 

Andy Cohen

Sarah Jessica Parker's IRL bestie makes a cameo in "Let There Be Light" (season six) as a shoe salesman who helps in Carrie's quest to rid her footwear addiction. 

Matthew McConaughey

When the Oscar winner (playing himself in season three's "Escape From New York)" pitches an idea to play Big in the movie adaptation of Carrie's life, she is thoroughly weirded out and hightails it far, far away from Los Angeles. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar

In season three's "Escape From New York," Carrie meets with Debbie, a film exec interested in turning her popular dating column into a movie. 

Bobby Cannavale

Oh, funky's the stinky deal breaker that ultimately led Samantha to call things off with the actor in "Easy Come, Easy Go" (season nine). 

Bradley Cooper

In "They Shoot Single People, Don't They?" (season two), Carrie mistakenly poses for a New York Magazine cover titled "Single & Fabulous?" Upset, she seeks solace in the arms of Jake, played by Cooper, who makes a quick exit from their rendezvous when he spots Carrie's face on the mag. 

Lucy Liu

Samantha learns a valuable lesson in "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" (season four) when she attempts to jump the waitlist for a Birkin bag by using the actress' name. Oops! 

Will Arnett

The Arrested Development star lets his freak flag fly in "La Douleur Exquise!" (season two) when he plays Jack, a love interest of Miranda who enjoys having sex in public. All is well until it's revealed that Jack in fact lives at home with his mother, and the excitement fizzles. 

Vince Vaughn & Carrie Fisher

While vacationing in Los Angeles in "Sex and Another City" (season three), Carrie is introduced to Keith Travers (Vaughn), who says he's Matt Damon's agent. But things go south when Carrie finds out she actually slept in Carrie Fisher's home...because Keith was merely house sitting. 

Chandra Wilson

The Grey's Anatomy star makes a brief appearance in "Anchors Away" (season five) as a police officer who gets in a scuffle with Samantha over flyers. 

Alan Cumming

In "The Real Me" (season four), Carrie meets Alan's character Oscar, a designer who dresses the protagonist in a Dolce & Gabbana ensemble for a fashion show.  

David Duchovny

Carrie reconnects with her high school sweetheart Jeremy, played by The X: Files star, in "Boy, Interrupted" (season five). Their reunion was short-lived, as her former beau shared he's in a mental institution. 

Elizabeth Banks

Long before her Pitch Perfect days, the actress appeared in "Politically Erect" (season three) as the significant other of a politician who attends a fundraising party for Carrie's boyfriend.

Hugh Hefner

The late Playboy mogul makes a cameo as himself when the ladies attend a party at the Playboy mansion in "Sex and Another City" (season three). Color Samantha Jones elated. 

Geri Halliwell

The Spice Girls superstar made a blink-and-you-missed-it cameo in "Boy, Interrupted" (season six) as an acquaintance of Samantha who waves her exclusive Soho House pool access in her face. 

Jim Gaffigan

In season four's "Defining Moments," the comedian plays a New Yorker cartoonist named Doug who strikes up a seemingly normal romance with Miranda. Unfortunately, Doug likes to use the restroom with the door open, a major no-no for Cynthia Nixon's titular character. 

Jennifer Coolidge

The iconic Legally Blonde star plays Victoria, a friend who invites the women to a soiree at her home. The get-together turns out to be a purse party featuring her own designs, and the women don't have the heart to tell her she doesn't have a future in fashion. 

Kat Dennings

Long before the actress got her big break in Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings landed her first role on SATC in "Hot Child in the City" (season three) as a teen who hires Samantha to do PR and book celebrity talent for her Bat Mitzvah.

Timothy Olyphant

A fling with the actor, who plays Sam in season one's "Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys," helps Carrie decide she much prefers dating older men after seeing his pigsty of a bachelor pad. 

Which SATC celebrity guest cameo was your personal favorite?

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