ESPN Reporter Edward Aschoff's Fiancé Speaks Out After His Sudden Death at 34

ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff's fiancé Katy Berteau speaks out after losing her future husband to pneumonia on his 34th birthday

By Cydney Contreras Dec 27, 2019 3:09 AMTags
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Edward Aschoff's fiancé is speaking out after the reporter suddenly died on his 34th birthday.

On Thursday, the ESPN reporter's fiance, Katy Berteau, took to his Twitter to share the last moments she shared with her soon-to-be-husband and to thank the countless strangers who expressed their condolences. She shares, "I want to share the brightness that he showed, even up until the last day he was awake. He kept the doctors and nurses constantly laughing, and always made a point to thank them and tell them what a great job they were doing."

In addition, Berteau clarifies the circumstances that led to Edwards hospitalization and eventual death. She says that he was initially diagnosed with multifocal pneumonia, which they attempted to treat with antibiotics to no avail. After this, she explains, he was taken to the emergency room and started treatment for a "presumed diagnosis of HLH, an unregulated, over-activation of the immune system that causes it to attack itself and other healthy tissues."

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Unfortunately, Berteau says he died "within 3 days of being moved into the ICU."

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Nonetheless, she says her fiance never lost hope. "He also loved Christmas so much that, even from the ICU, he was coordinating with my friend about wrapping my presents so I could be surprised," she reveals. 

As Katy grieves, she says she appreciates the "outpouring of love, admiration and gratitude" she's felt from people. She adds, "It has brought me brief moments of joy in this darkness to see all the pictures, videos, and memories of all the lives he touched."

In addition to her message of hope and love, Berteau reveals there will be services in the coming days, which people can learn more about on his Twitter. 

There's no doubt countless sports fanatics will be paying their respects to the reporter, who was much appreciated by ESPN. In a statement, the outlet said, "We are very sorry to have to share the devastating news of the tragic passing of friend and ESPN colleague Edward Aschoff. Our thoughts are with his loved ones, including his fiancée Katy."

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