Luke Skywalker might have just dropped Star Wars spoiler.

Thanks to a tweet from Mark Hamill, the Harry Styles fandom is convinced the singer is going to make a cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, out Friday.

In his tweet, the actor shared photos of Prince Harry and Prince William, Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy, who have all appeared as the villainous Stormtroopers in past installments of the franchise. The tweet also featured a shot of Styles in the Stormtrooper costume he wore to a party with Kacey Musgraves and Maggie Rogers, but as far as the world knows, he's never made a cameo! But now, his fans believe he will be.

As Hamill tweeted, "Tonight #TheRiseOfSkywalker Premiere finally brings closure to my dysfunctional family!"

Dropping more heavyhanded hints, the star continued, "Wonder who'll be the #SecretStormtrooper in this one? Considering they've all been UK Superstars (2 Royals+2 Actors) but still no singer, all the clues point in one direction: #Stylestrooper."

Styles making a cameo as a Stormtrooper would give a whole new meaning to the words "masked singer."

Of course, fans are now interpreting Styles' Halloween costume to have been a hidden clue all along.

Harry Styles Mark Hamill

Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock, Rich Fury/Getty Images

As one fan tweeted, "So what I'm hearing is, Harry Styles dressed as a Stormtrooper for Kacey's after party because he's going to make a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars movie??? He's always foreshadowing stuff! I guess he's acting in an upcoming Disney film after all, huh?"

Another wrote about just how exciting Hamill's tweet was. "Mark Hamill tweeting about Harry Styles as a stormtrooper has completed my 2019. I love this."

May the force be with Styles, always.

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