Who Won Survivor: Island of the Idols?

Survivor: Island of the Idols just named a winner after a controversial season, ahead of the pre-taped reunion

By Lauren Piester Dec 19, 2019 3:30 AMTags
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Despite everything that has happened this season of Survivor, someone still had to win. 

It's no surprise in the end that it ended up being Tommy Sheehan, a solid player throughout the season. 

Tonight's finale began where last week left off, with the final five learning that Dan Spilo had been removed from the game for an undisclosed incident. It was a dramatic moment for about two seconds until Dean, Janet, Noura, Tommy, and Lauren then all took a trip to the Island of the Idols together, quickly forgetting about the Dan situation. 

Sandra and Rob then left the castaways behind on their island with one last test to pass. Tommy first seemed like he was going to get there, finding a series of clues starting with a half-cracked coconut. Inside the coconut was just a color, and since he's colorblind, he let Dean in on his secret, somehow thinking Dean would help him instead of just taking it for himself, which is what Dean did. Because duh. 

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While Tommy searched high and low for a little "H" shaped symbol, Dean found it by noticing that the random swing was shaped kind of like an H, and sure enough the little symbol was waiting nearby, with a note hiding behind it informing him that he had found a hidden immunity idol, giving Dean both an idol and an idol nullifier. 

Then he won the immunity challenge, which pretty much meant Dean was in charge, and he took an immediate opportunity to get rid of Janet and her idol. That was sad for all of us rooting for Janet, but a move that made sense for everyone else in the game. Janet likely would have won, especially since her fire-making skills are unmatched. 

Back at the Island of the Idols camp, Dean then got busy trying to make fire, because he can't. Meanwhile, Tommy was telling people he can't make fire, even though he can. 


The final immunity challenge was then won by Noura, who made a strange, rambling speech as she announced to her tribemates who she was taking to the final three, and who she was sending to make fire. After complimenting everybody, including telling Lauren she was her number one and best friend, Noura told Tommy she was choosing him, forcing Dean and a pissed off Lauren to make fire. 

Neither of them were good at making fire, and even though Tommy and Lauren are best friends, Tommy chose to help Dean learn how to make fire since he thought that would give him the best chance of winning. Dean then ended up just narrowly beating Lauren in the firemaking challenge, and you can bet Noura had not just sent a friend and ally to the jury. 

It was then time for the jury questioning portion of the finale, which got most entertaining when hopeless romantic Noura compared a Survivor social game to going on a date and the entire jury started yelling at once. 

One big question the jury seemed to have was whether Tommy deserved a win after just being taken to the finale by Noura, but he seemed to convince them that his firemaking trickery was worth a win. They apparently agreed, and Tommy ended up winning. Dean got two votes, Noura got zero, and none of that is a surprise. 

Now, it's time for a reunion, so stay tuned for the full discussion about this controversial season. 

Update: The annual and strange but delightful Sia awards (which singer Sia awards to her favorite players) went to Jamal ($15,000), Elaine ($100,000) and Janet ($100,000). 

Survivor will return in 2020 for season 40. 

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