90 Day Fiancé Had Cold Feet, More Alien Conspiracy Theories and Cheating Fears

90 Day Fiancé's Anna and Mursel wondered if they should call things off...

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It's that time of the season for 90 Day Fiancé: Almost every couple is in crisis.

In the Sunday, Dec. 15 episode, Anna and Mursel discussed calling off their wedding (naturally via the iPhone translation app), Michael and Juliana saw a mediator to talk prenup, Emily and Sasha hit the gym and fears were exposed, Robert and Anny bickered over apartments, Mike and Natalie differed on God vs. aliens (you read that right), and Angela prepared for the arrival of Michael. Yep, still.

Let's break it down, starting with Anna and Mursel. At her bachelorette party, Anna said she still has concerns about marrying Mursel, but they're moving right along down the aisle. Following many shots, her friends quizzed her about Mursel's dislike for her alcohol use.

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While he will have sex with her after she's had a few drinks, he doesn't like to kiss her. And that's when attention went to her sex life. "All I'm going to say is I have no complaints," she said. But she can complain about how he pees on the toilet seat and doesn't clean it up.

"He's like another freakin' kid," Anna said.

After her bachelorette, Anna sat down with Mursel to talk…through the iPhone app. She said she's done hiding her kids and he needs to tell them…otherwise she's calling off the wedding. Mursel said his family will stop speaking to him for the rest of his life should he reveal the truth. And there they are, at an impasse.


Michael and Juliana
Juliana continued to struggle with the concept of the prenup. "The idea of getting a prenup make me sad," she said. "I want to make everything for this marriage to work."

The two met a mediator who explained what they'd be doing, which didn't really sit well with Juliana. Juliana said she's annoyed and feels like he's sharing more information with his ex-wife Sarah than her. Michael made it known he was intending to keep his finances separate during their marriage. And what about Juliana? She doesn't really have any, she's dependent on him.

After the mediator, Juliana revealed she and Michael broke up last year and thus the financial support stopped. She needed him, but he wasn't there. Now, she said she wants to be more independent so that doesn't happen again.

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Emily and Sasha
After six months of delays with visas and passports, Emily, Sasha and little baby made it to America. For now, they're living with Emily's sister in South Bend, Indiana.

"I really believe America is the land of opportunity," Sasha said. He wants to be a personal trainer and fitness model and provide for the family.

The first morning in America, Sasha was presented with a bowl of cereal topped with extra sugar. He was not impressed. After a tense interaction with Emily's sister Betsy, Sasha declared he'd make breakfast the following day and help everyone get healthier. With that said, his first stop in America? The gym. And Emily went along too, she said she needed to keep working on her post-baby body.

While working out, Emily said she wanted to lose the weight because when Sasha starts working as a personal trainer, he'll be surrounded by pretty girls. But in a confessional, Sasha said he didn't look at the girls—despite having two previous marriages and two other kids—but the girls look at him.

Angela and Michael
In Georgia, Angela continued to talk about Michael's arrival. She prepared her grandkids for the new man who would be entering her life—and why she put a lock on her door—and went wedding dress shopping. With Skyla by her side, Angela said she found the dress. But what if Michael never gets a visa? Would she get married in Nigeria? Angela said no, she's a taxpayer and it's her right to get him to the United States for their wedding.

Mike and Natalie
Natalie really wanted Mike to go to church, she wants to get him baptized. "I feel like I am saving his soul," she said. Mike? Well, he's still talking about aliens. According to him, there are things out there that are unexplained, like pyramids. Where did they come from, Mike asked.

"Aliens are real. Certifiable," Mike said.

With all the religion talk, Mike said he's worried Natalie won't accept him for who he really is. The two are also at odds over children, and things exploded one morning while Natalie's mom looked on.

Robert and Anny
With one bed between Robert, Anny and Bryson, Anny is ready for an apartment upgrade. They found one that they liked, but Robert resigned his lease at the old apartment, despite telling Anny they'd get a new apartment when she arrived. So, there they are.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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