Kristen Bell Is Gifting Molds of Dax Shepard's Severed Head This Holiday Season

Kristen Bell brought an almost too lifelike mold of Dax Shepard's severed head to her friends' annual white elephant Christmas party. See photos of the head below.

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Kristen Bell thinks of the best Christmas gifts. And by best, we mean disturbing.

For her and Dax Shepard's annual white elephant gift exchange with their friends, the Frozen 2 star wanted to employ some shock factor. And shock people, she did, as the actress showed up to the holiday party with a mold of her husband's severed head as a gift. And don't worry, she posted plenty a photo of the head on her Instagram Story.

The head itself features the Bless This Mess actor's face with his eyes and mouth closed. True to the couple's love of Game of Thrones, it looks like it was taken straight out the Hall of Faces shown in the show's Season 6 promo.

Gushing over all the white elephant gifts, The Good Place actress wrote in three different posts on her Instagram Story, "The prizes this year were amazing. And penis themed. Lots and lots of penises."

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In a video of her friend opening the box with Shepard's head inside, Bell wrote, "But I brought something VERY special. What is it??? A mold of @daxshepard s severed head of course!!!"


As soon as the party-goers realized what was inside the box, the entire party burst out in a mixture of laughter and screams. For his part, Shepard merely laughed and continued eating his snack when Bell panned the camera over to him.

Naturally, Bell posted hilarious videos and photos of people posing with the severed head for the rest of the night.

In a previous selfie on her story, Bell showed off the Frozen 2-themed hat she unfortunately didn't end up taking home. It was a black baseball cap with "Samantha?" written across the front, which is a shout out to a hilarious Olaf moment in the Disney sequel.

Not one to miss a great photo opportunity, Bell put the hat on Shepard's severed head and shared the shot with her fans. 

The star also shared shots of her friends posing with the head, along with a shot of the head chilling in her purse. Got to keep it safe, you know. That's delicate cargo.


In one of the last videos on her hilarious Instagram Story on Sunday, the mom of two was seen cradling the almost too lifelike head in her hands before she turned it around to give it a big, old kiss on the lips.

As the caption on the video read, "@kristenanniebell sweetly hanging out with @daxshepard's severed head." In another pic from the night, Bell grins from ear to ear for the camera, her husband's wax figure sitting safely in her arms.

As the caption said, "Just the sweetest...right?"

Other (much more tame) gifts from the night included a giant Snickers candy bar, a Batmobile cookie jar, a cross-stitch that read "great tits" and more. For her part, the Veronica Mars alum ended up getting a yellow back scratcher for her white elephant gift. Although Shepard warned her not to open the box because the wrapping made it look penis-themed.

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Suffice it to say Bell brought the best gift to this year's white elephant Christmas party.

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