90 Day Fiancé Apartment Hunting Ends With a Twist for Robert and Anny

Exclusive! Robert and Anny are looking for a place to call home, but of course things take a turn

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Anny came to the United States—and 90 Day Fiancé—from the Dominican Republic to marry Robert, a man she had only spent a few hours with in person before getting engaged. Now she's in the United States and getting a harsh lesson in the business of apartments.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Robert and Anny find an apartment that ticks off all their wants and needs. There's a second bedroom so Bryson can have his own room, there are two bathrooms and the cherry on top: lots of closet space for Anny to fill with new clothes (just not clothes from the goodwill shop).

"This space is beautiful," Robert says. "And she loves it."

Anny says she pictures herself relaxing, reading a book, drinking coffee and taking in the view. "I love it," she says. What can go wrong?

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This is 90 Day Fiancé. Nothing ever goes that smoothly. And that's when Robert reveals he just renewed his lease on the apartment he's living in now. The apartment that has one bedroom for him, Anny and young Bryson.

"What is a lease?" Anny asks in the exclusive sneak peek above.

After Robert and the realtor explain the situation, Anny is not please. Surprise!

"But you say before I came here we going to move, why you pay that?" she asks.

Anny is not keen on waiting a year to move.

"Before I came here, he tell me he going to have a new apartment. Why you sign that then? You make me come and see this apartment and after I see everything I like it and you tell me, ‘No, we can't move here because I have lease already signed.' I don't understand that," Anny says. "It's f—ked up."

Click play on the video above to see the full interaction.

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